Amazon is bringing virtual viewing parties for “Prime” subscribers

Amazon is bringing virtual viewing parties for “Prime” subscribers

Amazon is giving its Prime Minister the opportunity to watch TV shows and movies with friends on Prime Video using his new Watch Watch feature.

According to the company, the function is slowly coming out, and is now only available in the United States. Viewing parties will accommodate up to 100 viewers in one group, but each person must have a subscription to the US Prime Minister. After the party, people can choose from thousands of titles, including Amazon, including original, licensed shows, and movies.

Demand is being produced by the US streaming video service in the demand catalog. This is like the original Playboy:, Wonderful Mrs. Mayzel, Jack you Ryan, The big patient, The boys, return, և: My spy as well as licensed titles available on Amazon Prime Video subscription. However, movies and TV shows that are available for rent or purchase are not available for streaming on Watch Party.

Watch Party hosts will monitor the full synchronization of playback and the ability to chat with all other guests. While Twitch, Amazon’s other streaming service, has a similar feature, those streams are open to the public. Anyone can join the creator’s viewing session as long as they have a Prime account. The new feature of Prime Video Watch Party is completely private. The host will share a link with family members and friends so people can click and join, like Zoom.

Prime Video is the latest major stream of virtual party entertainment. WarnerMedia, Disney and Netflix have teamed up with Scener to get customers to watch HBO, Disney Plus and Netflix together. At the moment, the Prime Video Watch is intended for desktop use only. Amazon has not said whether the mobile version is on the way.

Update June 29, 6 p.m. 45 ET. The story has been updated to include additional information on what headlines may be flowing.



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