Amazon reports that it is acquiring a self-driving Zoox

Amazon reports that it is acquiring a self-driving Zoox

Amazon acquires Zoox transaction for self-driving car, valued at more than $ 1 billion Information: And: The Financial Times report. The deal will allow Amazon to monitor the launch of nearly 1,000 people who were making electric cars. The deal could be announced today. Get the news first appeared last month, when it was announced that Amazon would acquire Zoox for less than $ 3.2 billion, which was estimated in July 2018..

Acquisition is Amazon’s biggest investment in self-driving car technology and one of its biggest acquisitions ever. However, it is not yet clear which Amazon plans to use the technology. Information: notes that Amazon could use technology for autonomous deliveries, such as its existing robot and unmanned aerial vehicles, while The Financial Times says Amazon will use the acquisition to produce a self-propelled fleet to compete with the likes of the Waymo alphabet.

Zoox develops a two-way car without a steering wheel or a visible front or rear end. processed at the Toyota SUV fleet in San Francisco and Las Vegas. However, these tests were affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, and in April, Zoox fired almost all of its contract workers, including its reserve drivers. At the time, it was said that he planned to hire them again when the wildlife order was removed.

Zoox recently admitted that four of its new leases from Tesla had secret documents from their previous employer when they joined the Zoox logistics team. The discovery came after Zoox filed a lawsuit seeking to pay Tesla an undisclosed amount of money and conduct an audit to make sure no other employee had confidential Tesla information.

According to: The Financial TimesFollowing the acquisition of Amazon, Zoox is expected to run as an independent subsidiary, similar to how Twitch currently operates. Amazon is expected to invest billions to bring Zoox cars to market.

This will not be Amazon’s first investment in self-driving car technology. Last year, the giant eCommerce participated in a fundraising phase for Aurora Innovation, an autonomous technology startup founded by the former head of Google’s self-driving car project. Amazon has also invested in Rivian electric vehicles.



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