Anywhere movie is the latest service to watch the side feature

Anywhere movie is the latest service to watch the side feature

Photo Report Anywhere is releasing a new “Watch Together” party feature for its movie app apps, allowing multiple users to sync and enjoy the movie together.

Although the current COVID-19 epidemic has seen an increase in viewing of streaming services (both third-party and official) third-party applications, the “Anywhere” version differs in allowing you to watch the movies you buy, instead limiting you to the streaming catalogs you have. subscriptions (something that can change day by day). In addition, Movies Anywhere’s Watch Together function works on both its mobile and desktop applications, which is rare for most third-party services.

It is very simple to install. The host sends a six-digit invitation code through which guests can use the Movies Anywhere app to access their movie page. There are no conversation features or camera combinations, just simple reactions of emotions տարբեր the option to pause the host or demand a conversion.

Of course, there are some caveats. Anyone wishing to join must have access to movies anywhere, which means everyone must either already have the movie or get a copy using the company’s Screen Pass feature. In addition, the film should be in the category of “Anywhere” films, which does not yet have other films from Liosgate, MGM և Paramount, as well as other small studios.

Watch Together supports up to ten viewers at once, although it will be difficult to hit that number as Movies Anywhere requires everyone to have their own copy, You can only provide three copies of a movie at a time. The new feature is now available on both the Movies Anywhere website and apps.



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