Apple says it is canceling some Arcade contracts to focus on “engagement”

Apple says it is canceling some Arcade contracts to focus on “engagement”

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it had canceled several contracts for games planned to launch on Arcade, the company’s gaming subscription service known for its high-quality library with no ads or additional purchases. It allegedly canceled each of them for the same reason. Apple wants new games that will keep players from returning to the service.

A report Bloomberg: The CEO of Arcade, along with some developers, said that Apple is looking for games that have a high level of “engagement”, as posted by one of the sources of the publication. Asked by developers where Apple’s current engagement mark is, the report said that an Apple Arcade spokesman was quoted as saying. Grindstone:, Charming, multi-layered confusion of Capybara Games as an example.

According to the report, Apple has paid the affected studios to maintain the development points, and told the developers that it will work with them in the future if they meet Apple’s engagement requirement. However, Bloomberg: He notes that some of these developers have encountered financial problems as a result of the canceled contracts. Presumably, these games are allowed to be released on other platforms, such as Google’s Play Pass service for Android devices, although this may be enough to recover the losses. According to my colleague Andrew Webster’s interview with indie developers who have released games on the Apple Arcade, Play Pass pays developers based on user engagement measurements, while Apple negotiates with developers for their games. :

The reason is that Apple may change its requirements altogether, it is almost certain that customers will be retained. Arcade has been active since the end of 2019, partly helping with a free one-month trial that came as an introductory offer with a service that would otherwise cost $ 4.99 or $ 49.99 a year. The other big component of that momentum, of course, came from the great games, most of which are unique to the platform.

How does Apple measure engagement in its upcoming games? It’s hard to see Apple recalling that it doesn’t require advertising or micro-roaming, but that could mean shorter games like ustwo. Gather carefully, it may not fit the new direction of Apple’s engagement. It may mean fewer games, but for Apple’s sake, I hope there will be some good ones in the mess.



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