BMW will make all 5 electric series, 7 series և X1

BMW will make all 5 electric series, 7 series և X1

BMW is developing the full electric version of its 5 Series և 7 Series sedans, as well as its entry-level X1 SUV, the company announced on Monday as it detailed its new efforts to reduce overall emissions.

This means that almost all the most popular cars of the German luxury carmaker will soon have all the electric versions. The 3 Series is an all-electric version of the most popular BMW in the United States has already been observed in camouflage testingIt is expected that the BMW i4 will be replaced by 4 series. Earlier this month, the company unveiled the iX3, the all-electric version of its best-selling X3 SUV. BMW also launched the iNext SUV, which is in full swing looks like a slightly larger X5.

To be sure, BMW is not only: sell all these electric options. The company will still offer gas-powered, mild hybrid և plug-in hybrid options. But BMW says it is trying to reduce its average CO2 emissions by at least a third over the next 10 years. At that time, the company estimates that there will be more than 7 million “electrified” BMW Group on the road (including subsidiaries such as Mini), of which about 4.6 million are electric. (The company currently sells about 2.5 million cars a year.)

BMW claims it seeks to create “the most stable supply chain” for its electric vehicles, including to acquire its new battery supplier agree to use only “100% green power”. President Oliver Zipse said the company had developed a “detailed ten-year plan with annual intermediate goals until 2030”, that BMW “reports on our progress every year; we will measure ourselves against those targets”.

“I’m convinced that the fight against climate change և how we use resources will determine the future of our society և the BMW Group. As a premium car company, our aspiration is to lead the way to stability. “That is why we are taking responsibility here, and now we are focusing on those issues for our future strategic direction,” Zipse said in a statement.

BMW, like many other legends, is competing to overtake strict emissions regulations in Europe and China. Some European cities even ban internal combustion engines. The company was once considered one of the leaders in the field of electric vehicles, but eventually it doubled on internal combustion engines. The German automaker has not only lost market share, but is one of the companies most affected by Tesla’s rise, as Elon Musk has targeted the same wealthy buyers that BMW is hiding.



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