Boeing and FAA launch 737 Max first test flights since fatal crashes

Boeing and FAA launch 737 Max first test flights since fatal crashes

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Monday launched a series of test flights to determine whether the 737 Max should be allowed to return to the air after it was involved in two fatal crashes that killed 2018 2018 2019. 346 people. It is expected to last about three days.

“Although the certification flights are a major milestone, a number of important tasks remain,” the FAA said in a statement. “The FAA is following a deliberate process and will take the time it takes to study Boeing’s work in detail. We will only raise the issue of justification once we are satisfied that the aircraft meets the certification standards. ”

Some of the flights tested in Seattle on Monday were said to be carrying a plane with a very sharp turn, which could have almost extinguished the cause. according to Bloomberg:. In doing so, the experienced pilots and engineers of the FAA and Boeing hope to recreate the details that led to the addition of the mining feature system, or MCAS, software that condemned the fatal flight.

The 737 Max was launched shortly after its launch, when Airbus announced the surprise acquisition of the 2010 A320neo, a more fuel-efficient version of its popular A320 aircraft. In 2010. -old 737 giving it new, bigger engines that need to be installed before further failures. While this helped the company gain market share with its A320neo competitor, it also made it easier for the new version of the aircraft to stand up to certain types of mines.

Boeing developed MCAS to counter it. But the company hid the software from the FAA And: pilots to reduce the amount of training that would otherwise be required to transport the aircraft in the air.

The first crash of the 737 Max took place in October 2018. The Lion Air Flight 610 crashed at 6 a.m. local time. On the 20th, Jak Akarta, Indonesia. A few minutes later, it crashed into the Java Sea, killing 189 passengers and crew. The second crash occurred in March 2019, when the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed six minutes after leaving for Kenya, killing 157 people. The 737 Max was founded shortly after.

Boeing was then investigated by Congress and investigated numerous federal investigations, and CEO Dennis Milenburg was ousted in December last year. But before the company stopped producing the 737 Max for months, it began building aircraft again in May.

The FAA has since discovered many new software covers, partly because Boeing is still in the process of redefining the aircraft.



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