Call of Duty. Warzone will soon offer meetings for 200 people

Call of Duty. Warzone will soon offer meetings for 200 people

Popular March Royal Rifle Shooter Call of Duty. Warzone: upgrades already 150-person lobbies that will allow 200 people to compete in four-year competitions, publisher “Activation” announced today. The new size of the lobby will be updated, which will be released tomorrow, June 30, at 2 ET.

War zoneThe big lobby of the lobby is one of the many that the game tries to differentiate itself from the market of a more crowded combat grand piano. But after this update, if you play in the full lobby of Quad mode, which is 200 people, you will compete against four other four teams that can War zoneThe already hectic games are even more wild walks.

Image: Activation:

It seems that the mode will be available only for a limited time, according to the image from the “Activision” blog, which announces the update, but it is not yet clear how long the mode will take. The activation did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

When? War zone Launched in March, Activism hinted that the game could one day be purchased by a 200-person lobby. “I can say that we are already playing with 200 players,” said Co-Chair Patrick Kelly. War zone Developer Infinity Ward in an interview with USA today was published on March 10. “We’re going to release it a little later.”



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