Christopher Nolan is set to release Tenet online

Christopher Nolan is set to release Tenet online

Difficult months have passed Tenet fans: The $ 205 million film has been extended for weeks as theaters closed across the country due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The details of the film have been declassified, which cannot be raised until the premieres of the film. And the film itself cannot have a premiere until the theaters reopen. For a month TenetRelease date announced The United States is in the second wave of infectionsBreaking the daily records recorded in April, but the premiere date may return several weeks at a time. Until things change again, the film will be shown in theaters on August 12.

Many of those expectations come from Christopher Nolan himself. The director has he insisted not just debut Tenet in the theater, but using it to prevent the theatrical release in general, “to show the faith of the horse ին solidarity shown at the exhibition.” Nolan used to be romantic որպես theater as an “important part of social life” that can only provide community viewing, դիտ he wants Tenet to be the movie that will help save it.

Simply put, this attitude is dangerous կհ life-threatening. While not much is known about how COVID-19 spreads, it is clear that spending a lot of time indoors with other people in close proximity is a major contributor. And the movie theaters, with their seats up close, the air conditioning circulating, the guests taking off their masks to make “long” movies on popcorn, seem to fit in perfectly with that bill. Everything we know about COVID-19 tells us that the large-scale cultural event that Nolan wants will lead to more cases, more hospitalizations, and more deaths.

Tenet Undoubtedly, for the theatrical chains of Warner Bros. and Nolan, it is definitely possible. I want to see it too, but remember it’s just a movie. A film that does not risk your life or anyone who can go to the theater as long as the United States does not have a much better viral function than we do now.

It is not clear what really drives Nolan’s ambition, the simple love of cinema. Can you return to the spotlight as a director and author? Or a matter of pride, a desire to save his film specifically for the entire film institute. Of course, it is not money. It is obvious to almost everyone that if: Tenet managed to open on August 12 (the current scheduled release date), then Warner Bros. և Nolan himself, who It is reported that he will earn 20 percent gross of the first dollar – Millions of people are likely to miss what they did in anticipation of a safer, more stable release period.

But if Nolan really wants to be a cinematographer to save his film, be it the film that brought the industry back to life, he has to release Tenet online

In a sense, streaming could make almost anyone happy. Fans could see Tenet immediately և from the safety of their own homes. Warner Bros. would rather see a return on investment. I could argue that even Nolan will get what he wants, the opportunity to change the face of cinema so that people are not in danger.

If Nolan wants to make a legacy, then launching the first real blockbuster can be a great credit for that legacy. And it does not have to be at risk Tenet Be that as it may, “a film that got sick of a bunch because the director insisted that theaters protect it before it was safe,” which is a very real concern.

The question is whether the streaming issue can bring in the kind of money Warner Bros. should make a profit of about $ 400 million here. In theaters where studios generally receive about 50 percent of the cut, Tenet $ 800 million will be needed, a number that could not be considered through the release of HBO Max or the sale of iTunes. But digital editions change the equation. Release a movie for rent or purchase on iTunes, Vudu or Amazon, and studios get about 80 percent of the money. Install it on a Warner streaming service like HBO Max, և Warner Bros. does not need to share anything at all.

True is true, no one yet: made such a sum that Tenet You will need to succeed in digital or streaming. But no one has ever tried to make a film as big as it is big Tenet in this style.

We have already seen the financial potential of this type of release. Trolls World Tour made nearly $ 100 million in three weeks. It turned out so well that Universal was already talking about releasing films in both theaters and digital platforms, even after the epidemic ended, which forced AMC to threaten to show all its future Universal films from its theaters. With everyone TenetFalse and stellar power,: perhaps more expensive rent, makes it easier to imagine a world where that $ 400 or $ 500 million number is actually available.

This is also not a new idea. A screenwriter called Sean Parker offered a parallel movie rental apartment (pop $ 50) that could be offered next to regular theaters. It even had some support big names like J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Peter Acks Exxon և Ron Howard before spoiling. But it does show that there is a real possibility of a world in which streaming theaters can live side by side, giving customers more choice but to close them within arbitrary calendar limits.

Even before the COVID-19 hit, theaters clashed. Or do you like big theatrical movies? Avengers. Endgame, Lion King, և: Star Wars they do better than ever և helped fill in the numbers, Total ticket sales are declining յ The lion’s share of revenue for the entertainment industry comes from the flow, not the theaters. In 2019, digital home-mobile entertainment brought in $ 58.8 billion worldwide, an increase of 14% over the previous year.

Image by Warner Bros.

And Tenet – as an original feature, which: even the actor does not fully understand – does not really look like a modern-day Hollywood blockbuster. While Nolan fans will no doubt use his uniqueness as a good thing, the fact is that the last time a non-franchisor topped the box office was in 2009, when Avatar: took the crown. Before that it was time Armageddon In 1998, in fact, Of the 46 billion films that broke $ 1 billion so far at the box office, only five of them – Zootopia:, Jurassic Park, Avatar:, Titanic, և: Frozen – did not lag behind, rankings or part of a larger privilege.

Part of the release is Nolan’s artistic attachment to the theatrical release. Nolan մյուս Other filmmakers like Spielberg claim that theaters are a key part of the Hollywood experience, and that this is likely to continue. But things are changing in the world of cinema. And while theaters will continue to exist for years to come, Hollywood, and Nolan in particular, must consider new technologies that disrupt the status quo.

This is not something that should be so unfamiliar to Nolan, who has partly built his career on adopting new technologies as 70 mm IMAX gauge it becomes one of the signatures of his case. And the filmmakers that Nolan mentions as an influence have put their careers into incorporating new filming technology, like Michael Mann (who was one of the first to use digital cameras) or Stanley Kubrick’s leading work on visual effects. Avatar: It was the most up-to-date film to use new filmmaking techniques to block the success of 3D և CGI-created double-wave worlds rising to the top of the charts. Maybe Tenet can follow the same procedure, innovating not only how we are to prepare movies, but how և where do we watch them?

There are already a lot of exciting, artistically valuable things happening on the stream. Netflix has embraced the idea of ​​producing a full body of movies, starting with big summer blockbusters such as Old guardian who can stand on their own two feet with the best popcorn pieces to smart, thought-provoking movies like Roma: or: The Irish which in themselves are impressive cinematic achievements. (It is no coincidence that the service was nominated for 54 Oscars, winning eight of them.) theatrical run. It’s a new culture of cinema,, Nolan should want to be a part of it.

The theatrical model has been under threat from streaming և home video for years. Post-epidemic shutdown simply speeds up the process. And whether Hollywood likes it or not, it’s hard to imagine a world where theaters operate at a level where they can bring in the number of clients and revenues that were standard before the epidemic.

It’s time to dump her and move on. If Nolan really wants to change Hollywood again, Tenet could be the perfect place to start.



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