Do you remember the chumbox suppliers? This is how they look now

Do you remember the chumbox suppliers? This is how they look now

You know that strange garbage box which appears on most news sites, including this one. You know one? It is labeled “Encouraged Stories” or “Whole Network”. It has titles such as: “1 weird trick to lose weight”, “You will not believe what [STAR NAME HERE] Looks like today! “And”Throw away these vegetables.“There are two main players in the field: Tabolan, Drebrain, and the Ministry of Justice has confirmed their merger.

Why are they called chumboxes? Well, fat is fishing. You solve fish guts, blood համար to throw bones into water to tempt other fish Chumbox is similar, but for humans online.

You do not believe why publishers use them

These chumboxes exist because they are more profitable than other types of advertising. Add them to your site – it’s free. – ուհ then և earn money from unrestrained souls who want to know. “Is CBD good for my pet?” Money, obviouslyok except for vox media Bloomberg, Business Insider:, The Washington Post, CNN, What’s more, these boxes stand out in their stories.

“It definitely works,” said Erob Hadley, a former Outbrain marketing executive. told The New York Times last year. “You can laugh at these ads, but people click on them.”

But maybe money is not good. When the merger was announced last year, TechCrunch: described its purpose Increasing the audience Facebook audience of Facebook to compete against Google:. According to: TechCrunch:Each company “was already clearing $ 1 billion in annual revenue.”

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Outbrain shareholders receive $ 250 million in cash – a 30 percent stake in a combined company called Taboola – led by Taboola CEO Adam Singolda.

When the merger was announced, the Ministry of Justice “spent months examining the company’s documents, interviewing executives, and talking to clients of both companies.” The Wall Street Journal Eventually, DOJ merged the merger as “other companies were entering the sponsored content game” Magazine: he said. These competitors include Gemini (owned by Verizon) նոր Google’s new, anonymous product, according to the WSJ:.

A human-sized bird has a strange trick to avoid losing antitrust charges

The US antitrust investigation is not the only one. The UK Competition Authority is examining whether the merger will reduce digital advertising competition. The acquisition is part of a larger wave consolidation of the advertising industry which started in 2019 և can be accelerated through the market of crane advertising in the epidemic. Advertising costs will be reduced by 10% this year, Economist Reports:.

The scale can be used to compete in Facebook և Google ads. Both companies are behemoths և jointly, they represent two thirds of the world of digital advertising, Economist reports.

The surgeon discovers a simple method for merging chumboxes

Chumboxes have an advantage over Google և Facebook. They are posted on the publisher’s own page. Facebook և Google, on the other hand, are moving to articles, but that traffic may not be there to turn around. Please enjoy the chumbox at the end of this article.



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