Facebook is removing a network of accounts linked to the violent “bog” movement

Facebook is removing a network of accounts linked to the violent “bog” movement

Facebook removes anti-government account network linked to borderlineto bog“After the movement is designated as a dangerous organization, the company says. The transition, which represents a broader subsystem of movement, was actively planning violence, Facebook said, although it declined to give further details, saying it did not want to interfere with the continued investigation by law enforcement.

The company removed on Tuesday afternoon.

  • 220 Facebook account
  • 95 Instagram account:
  • 28 Facebook pages
  • 106 Facebook groups

In addition, Facebook removed more than 400 other groups and 100 other pages that “hosted similar content as a violent network but were kept out of accounts.” Today, the boogaloo network will fall under the policy of Facebook for dangerous individuals and organizations, which prohibits messages “praising, supporting or presenting them.”

Bogalu’s movement has been gaining traction in recent weeks a number of violent incidents involving followers of the movement. Air Force personnel sergeant was charged with murder Earlier this month, officials from the Federal Defense Service’s Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office said authorities had found a paraphrase linked to the Bogalu movement in the suspect’s home. Three people have been charged in Las Vegas this month with “being accused of destroying the government and private property during protests in that city on May 30, just as he did to have Molotov cocktails.” The: The Wall Street Journal reports.

Earlier this month Facebook has removed boogaloo groups from its offer algorithms – but found a report last week The content of this blog was still offered on the social network.

“This network seems to be based in different parts of the United States, and the people inside it are getting involved with each other on our platform,” the Facebook blog said. “It actively promotes violence against civilians, law enforcement agencies, government officials and institutions. The members of this network seek to recruit others within the broader Boogaloo movement by sharing the same content on the Internet and accepting the same online look as others on the move. ”

The pass has no clear name from the larger movement; Facebook simply calls it a “violent US anti-government network.” Members used Facebook’s services to recruit, communicate, and recruit new followers.

The seven-year-old Bogal movement is represented by an extremist group of far-right extremists, some of whom are in favor of a second civil war. Its name comes from the camp’s classic shocking film Breakin ‘2: Electric Boogaloo:; Electric Bogalo has become an irony for continuing. This irony reflects the half-joke character of many of the movement’s notes, which may expose the extremism of some of its members, leaving the reader to constantly guess what is serious and what is not.

In the past, the movement has also avoided close scrutiny, often changing the conditions under which it treats itself, and the clothing and signs that members wear in order to recognize themselves. For example, “Bogalu” has become “big igloo” and “big luau”. The latter name is considered to be the reason why some candidates appear in public in Hawaiian shirts. Facebook says there are currently at least 50 terms used to identify the boogaloo movement as an identifier.

The ideas voiced by Bogalu’s followers do not fit into the narrow party order. Some positions support the Second Amendment and the adversary’s orders in shelters. More extremist members of the movement are promoting militant white supremacy and violence against the state. Other supporters have voiced public support for the Black Lives Matter protests, prompting researchers to question whether the views are legitimate or simply misleading.

In the past two months, Facebook has removed more than 800 posts linked to the bogeyman movement for violating its anti-violence policy, the company said. The company’s threat detection teams are preparing to follow the followers of boogaloo, try to return to Facebook with new identities and use different terms.

“We know that our efforts will never completely eliminate the risk of this network or other dangerous organizations, but we will continue to remove content and accounts that violate our rules so that we can keep people safe,” Facebook said.



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