Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google update promise to fight child exploitation

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google update promise to fight child exploitation

A group of technical platforms has announced a new initiative to combat child sexual abuse online. This was reported by CNBC. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are part of a 14-year-old technology coalition that says its new “Project Protection” will form a “five pillars” plan that will form the structure, membership models and staff of the group. to support. long-term goals. The five pillars include technological innovation, collective action, independent research, information and knowledge exchange, and transparency.

The project will create a research and innovation fund that will create tools to prevent children from exploiting the online sex industry, publish an annual report on the industry’s efforts, and create an annual forum of experts to share best practices, the group said.

“The number of people online, more than 4.5 billion in 2020, has increased the challenge of keeping the Internet safe,” the group said. announcement:. Although children have become more sophisticated in detecting online sexual violence, the group added, so are the types of abuse they try to eradicate.

The program has great goals, but does not offer features, including how much money and resources each platform will provide. We have reached out to Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and Google for details.

The Technology Coalition was established in 2006 in collaboration with children’s charities and international organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund to provide guidance and funding for technology platforms that seek to protect child protection on the Internet.



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