Former HTC CEO bets on new VR headphones and virtual world

Former HTC CEO bets on new VR headphones and virtual world

XRSpace, led by former HTC CEO Peter Chow, plans to launch a new virtual reality headset later this year. The headset is called the Mova, and it is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2020 for $ 599. Its outlets include 5G support, a hands-on interface and a virtual world called Manova. But it dramatically lowers the price of cheaper, more interactive VR platforms by choosing a specialized system at a fairly high price.

The Mova is a stand-alone headset powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It’s similar to the Oculus Quest or HTC Vive Focus based on business, although they are thinner than any of them, allowing users to choose white or bright orange. It uses two cameras to track users’ movement around the room, and its default control system is hand-held, a feature that is still relatively rare in major VR headphones, although it’s just officially added to Oculus Quest this month. Besides, Mova’s hints that we received today’s official announcement are extremely vague.


Meanwhile, Manova is like that Second life crossed one of Facebook’s social VR experiments. According to XRSpace, it includes a number of public and private places, including private “home” hanging areas or party areas, with areas such as the “city center” where people can meet. with friends և a place called MagicLohas it will include fitness classes and other health activities. There are also links to third-party games and apps.

Mova and Manova are a package deal. The XRSpace world is only available with its headset, and headphones do not support VR on other store signs. XRSpace is also expected to have an ecosystem of its accessories, including arbitrary handhelds, and tracking sensors, which are described as much smaller versions of HTC’s Vive Tracker.

I haven’t seen any products in the case, so XRSpace may keep its promises. That said, it seems like a significant risk for the company And: anyone who buys headphones, even assuming that their device is equal to existing devices such as Quest.

VR is compatible with a number of models that have multiple crossover computer programs “between headphones”. HTC’s Vive Cosmos encourages owners to use Valve’s SteamVR in addition to the HTC Viveport store. Independent Oculus Quest can be turned into a computer headset, while SteamVR supports almost any wired headset. VR is a small market, and the more content a device can have, the more reason it has to acquire it.

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However, many companies have failed to launch virtual worlds like Manova, including: Second life operator Linden Lab with Sansar հետ Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale with mostly closed High loyalty. Chu thinks Manova can succeed wherever she can Sansar And: High loyalty failed due to its “well-regulated” nature.

“I think the difference is that they first developed those things based on the computer and then tried to put it on VR,” he says. “They do not have a good digital avatar and do not take into account the mass market consumer. But it’s still a good bet, especially for a device that costs a lot more than the $ 399 Oculus Quest.

The third-party applications are also not very interesting. This is a short list of programs such as Getty Images’ VR TV, as well as games like Angry Birds VR. Isle of Pigs:. XRSpace has cut partnership deals with Deutsche Telecom in Germany and Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, which could help subsidize costs for users. That is, it is not clear how useful the 5G mobile connection will be, as VR headphones are used in homes or other indoor areas via Wi-Fi.

Depending on the features of the headset, one of the biggest advantages of Mova may simply be the availability. XRSpace has apparently delayed launch for two months due to a coronavirus pandemic, but Chow says mass production began this month in Taiwan to achieve preliminary results. Launches are planned in Europe, China and the United States. The Oculus Quest is still only available in sports, so the launch of Mova is actually going as planned, for XRSpace it will be impossible to find an impossible place in the market, but only with more evidence of good hardware and software ecosystem.



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