Genki Covert Dock review. Smart but expensive

Genki Covert Dock review. Smart but expensive

The port of Genki Covert is not like a port. It’s more like a wall brick that replicates the functionality of Nintendo’s much larger Switch Dock, but small enough to hold in your pocket. A must-have accessory if you travel a lot and want to connect your panel to a TV wherever you go.

That’s the wonderful part. Another reason is that, unlike the third-party ports sold by Amazon, Covert Port prepared to use the same force spec that Nintendo Port uses. That way, you do not run the risk of damaging your Switch in the long run, or worse, by blocking it. This one pulls the right amount of power out of the socket with its retractable clasps. It even has three international adapters, which is a nice bonus if you have the opportunity to travel again.

The Covert Dock is slightly thinner և shorter than this 65W Aukey Omnia charger.

The build quality is also excellent, with matte woven, translucent plastic that wraps in GaN-based inserts, similar to Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller. It’s even slightly smaller than the 65W Aukey Omnia USB-C charger I have at home. Given that the replacement of this port is much more powerful than a medium-energy brick, it is an impressive feat.

These tangles come a High price of $ 74.99, which is just a little lower $ 89.99 charged by Nintendo For its own port in the United States. The latter also contains an HDMI cable and a power adapter. There is no HDMI cable included with the Covert Dock, which is difficult to understand given the price. But what makes the cost even more enjoyable is that it can double as much as a laptop port, which a regular port can’t.

In fact, it is possible that this port will eliminate the need to bring several chargers on the way. It has a single 30W USB-C PD port that you can use to keep your phone or laptop charged when you do not use it to turn on the switch. Having only one USB-C port is not great if you are charging several devices at once, or a laptop that requires more power than a 30W USB-C port can provide. Thus, there are cases in which it can not eliminate the need to bring another adapter.

In addition to chargers, the USB-C port can be used to mirror HDMI input or to extend the screen of your device to a TV. It is worth noting that it transmits a maximum of 1080p 60Hz signal, regardless of the loyalty of your content.

The Hidden Dock also has a USB-A port that can charge the device. Alternatively, the port can be used to connect your switch accessories, such as a wired gaming headset, a compatible wireless headphone jack, or, if you have a laptop connected, a flash drive, or a USB to Ethernet adapter. It would be nice to have more ports, but if it comes down to keeping it small or keeping more ports, I will choose the latter.

Genki Covert Dock:

The portable port includes a USB-C cable with one L-shaped side for better cable management, as well as three cable carriers.

Using a Covert Dock is not as elegant an experience as a standard port. Instead of plugging in the switch, you simply plug in the included USB-C cable (which has a single L-shaped side for better cable management). As a result, if the entertainment center on which you place the billboard is small, you may need to place the switch on the floor or in some other uncertain position, as there is no cradle here. Having stress about whether or not someone or a pet can take the Books off is a concern in my apartment when I use this port. If there’s one thing that resonates with Nintendo’s design, it’s that it keeps things out of sight and out of danger.

Despite the high wine, Covert Harbor has a simple job, it does it well. It lets me play via the switch using my TV as the official port, and when I’m ready to move around, the console is charged for my travel. Plus, it serves as a pinch for a laptop. If you travel often or just want to create a comfortable, pocket-sized harbor away from home, this is a great option.

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