GM will help EVgo triple its fast charging network in the US

GM will help EVgo triple its fast charging network in the US

General Motors is working with the EVgo electric vehicle charging network to build more than 2,700 new fast chargers in suburban cities in the United States over the next five years. That’s more than three times as many as the 800 fast chargers that EVgo currently has in its 34-state network serving more than 200,000 customers.

The result will help EVgo keep up with other fast-growing fast charging networks. Tesla has 2,000 Supercharger stations (և 18,000 stalls) worldwide, and Volkswagen’s new Electrify America network already has 452 stations in the United States.

According to the new report, the new stations will be located in very visible places – many will be able to charge at least four vehicles at a time. They will not be exclusive to GM cars, և the first chargers that are part of this new structure will be available in early 2021. The two companies target about 40 different metro markets.

The CEO of GMs Mary Barra said that go GM and EV EVGO will invest in the new structure, but he will not specify the amount of those investments. Barra also said that GM would help EVgo “work on grant-utility programs” and “sign regulations wherever they can to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles.”

GM’s investment in the structure is a major turning point for the company, which: He once said that he would not invest in infrastructure for the World Cup. Asked about this at a press conference on Friday, Barra said that GM had conducted “extensive” customer research over the past few years, and that it was finally decided to invest in a large network of fast chargers “the next logical step”.

“It is clear that having a strong charging infrastructure is something that is important for our customers,” he said.

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