Gogo is laying off 14 percent of his staff as the airline continues to struggle

Gogo is laying off 14 percent of his staff as the airline continues to struggle

Gogo is the Wi-Fi provider of the flight removing 143 people, or about 14 percent of its workforce, as people continue to avoid air travel during the COVID-19 epidemic. The company had previously complained about 600 employees – cutting executive salaries in April, saying on Thursday that it would “continue certain furs, keep up with previous pay cuts.”

According to a press release issued on Thursday, the cuts will be made “mainly from the company’s commercial aviation business.” Gogo has applied for CARES Act funding, but it is not yet clear when he will receive any assistance.

“Given our current expectations of the industry, our commercial aviation business recovery, and the reduction of our workforce, it has become a necessary step,” said Gogo CEO Oakley Thorne. “We do not take this action lightly, but we believe that it is very important in our efforts to maintain our financial flexibility while maintaining the quality of our service and our relationship with our customers.”

Gogo has not made a profit since it was published in 2013, ամեն before the epidemic hit, all sorts of strategic changes took place. The company is changing its business to rely more on satellite internet for its in-flight Wi-Fi services. as its current network is still heavily dependent on air-to-ground connections, which are subject to interruption and bandwidth problems. The company has previously said that its plans to launch 5G network in 2021 have indirectly affected the fur, but it is not immediately clear whether this has changed.

Gogo is not the only supplier involved in the epidemic. Last week, Global Eagle, which flew south-west via Wi-Fi, filed for bankruptcy.



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