Gogoro Eeyo 1S electric bicycle review. Insecure entertainment

Gogoro Eeyo 1S electric bicycle review. Insecure entertainment

The electric bicycle has never been more exciting because I rode it through Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world, home to a culture that is more known for its practicality than flash.

“Where is the battery?” The passer-by asked, admiring the shocking simplicity of the Gogoro Eeyo carbon fiber electric bike. “It’s at the wheel,” I say as I move to Smartwheel, a brilliant piece of Gogoro engineering that contains the engine, computer, and electrons needed to power a lightweight bicycle.

The Eeyo 1S, which goes on sale in the US today, starts shipping in limited quantities on August 10, which is exactly what you expect from Horace Luke. Gogoro was the former head of design at HTC, when the company showed competitors Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung how to maximize the attractiveness of Windows և Android smartphones.

It is said that the designer knows that they have reached perfection not when there is nothing to add but when there is nothing to take away. But: $ 3,899 Eeyo 1 և my $ 4599 Eeyo 1S The test bike is so rigid that it falls on the edge of the impractical, for which Gogoro is proudly useless.

Fully, this is true because the Eeyo 1S is fun to swim in է fun to see riding.

The removal of the seat tube, the vertical section of the frame that usually extends from the seat to the pedals, is the first sign of Eeyo’s commitment to minimalism. It helps make the Eeyo 1S an incredible lightweight electric bike that weighs just 26 pounds (11.9 kg). Its bubbly physics are aided by the use of carbon fiber for the frame, fork, seat, belts, handles, and utensils, such as feathers, chain guards, or even kickbacks.

It’s so light that I was able to carry the diamond frame design on my shoulder as I walked long distances at train stations, but not everyone could do that. Fortunately, the concealed rubber cover also allows for a comfortable grip on the bike while climbing stairs during small jumps. Almost all of the weight of the Eeyo is on the back, which allows you to stand on the front edge when entering a shallow elevator or holding it in the corner of your house, as it is when you charge it anyway (more on that later).

The design of the open diamond frame is an impressive light for an electric bicycle.

Eeyon puts the cyclist in a sports position.

The wheels shake with all their weight.

Eeyo weight distribution means easy wheelies և stunning ride. The heavy-duty design is combined with a sporty, forward-facing riding speed that quickly restrains the steering wheel, bordering on the edge of both sides. But this riding position can be especially inconvenient if you wear a heavy backpack for work.

The Eeyo carbon fiber diamond frame is surprisingly stiff with zero noticeable flex despite the lack of a seat tube. It’s positive or negative, depending on the condition of the roads you travel on. Especially on a long section of brick road, that rigid frame vibrated every time straight through the sacks, through my seats. I would highly recommend a back seat for any Eeyo owners who will have long walks in the future, as Gogoro designers also remove it from the warehouse like a basket.

The presentation of the Eeyo 1S fits in perfectly with my aggressive riding style. In Sport mode, the 250W Smartwheel starts the Gates Carbon Drive with one speed from the first pedal press for instant start. Then, torque և speed sensors provide the right amount of power to support the pedal. The power supply felt completely intuitive, not daring to be overly cunning or crazy. Thinking about you, I walked mostly on flat terrain. When I found myself easily climbing moderate hills, I never wished I had lost my windpipe. I found the reluctant omp that I wanted to find while climbing the most beautiful hill in Amsterdam, a bridge that makes many people get off their bikes. Although I turned it around relatively easily, I imagine that the moderate to extreme ridge would probably be a challenge for Smartwheel: bikes.

Overall, riding the Eeyo felt like a second-generation Cowboy with an electric bike comparable to the power-weight distribution profile I tested last year.

I’ve tilted all the hinge engines before, but none of them compare to Gogoro’s Smartwheel. Gogoro says it took him three years to develop, which shows that the company has certainly learned from the operation of its electric scooters. The most obvious competitor is the Zehus Bike + all-in-one engine, which I tested with the Byar Volta e-bike. While the Smartwheel on the Zehus does not provide restorative capabilities, driving on the Eeyo is much more natural, so it seems to give your muscles extra strength, not motor. Gogorro’s “Smartwheel” is not as absurd as the huge Copenhagen wheel – everything.

Although I tested my Eeyo 1S review bike in Europe, I was able to easily install it in the app at a higher US speed limit. This allowed me to get pedal support clearance at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km / h) instead of the European speed limit of 25 km / h (16 mph). When driving out of the city center of Amsterdam, I would often leave the mint Eeyo 1S և its maximum assist speed, causing Smartwheel to enter “Protection Mode” by cutting off the pedal support until my travel speed dropped to 12 km / h (7.5 m / h). This was irritating. Gogoro says disconnection is necessary to protect the battery, but it is an unexpected limitation for a bicycle that pays for itself as an e-bike “sports car”.

I always suspected that the required 40 mile (64 km) range was 123Wh in sports mode (or 55 mile / 89 km in eco mode). And, of course, my experiment ended sooner, but it still worked amazingly well. I have performed two tests. One ran long distances, the other in a real city, riding for four days. Both experiments were conducted in a flat area with very little brain. Ideal conditions to maximize range. I weigh 180 pounds (82 kg) եմ reached 28.3 miles (45.6 km) during the test and only 25.5 miles (40.96 km) in the stop-and-pass city test. I’m generous, because those numbers were the higher values ​​calculated by Google Maps և Garmin Fitness Watch. Gogoro’s own numbers measured in the Eeyo app.

The Smartwheel is very efficient, using only 4.4 W / h per mile (2.7Wh per kilometer) based on that 28.3 mile (45.6 km) test result. For comparison, riding my aggressive VanMoof from a 504Wh battery brings about 37 miles (60km) or 13.6Whp (8.4Wh per kilometer) per mile. The 42-pound (19kg) VanMoof bikes also weigh significantly more than the 26.4-pound (12kg) Eeyo 1S, while costing more than half as much.

You will probably need to charge your Eeyo at home or in the office as the non-removable battery is integrated into the Smartwheel. It uses a smart clamp that attaches directly to the outside of the engine. An optional refill will be available in September. The battery charges from zero to full 2.5 hours, as the company claims, my test bike charges 50% in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

When my Smartwheel battery died, it created additional friction while driving. Not so much that the wheel is “locked” through the application, but enough to make long distances uncomfortable. It’s like being in the third gear on a traditional seven-speed bike when you prefer to be first.

As for the “lock” feature of the counter-revolution wheel, do not assume that it will not prevent anyone from stealing your Eeyo. Whether it makes the bike very difficult to ride even for short distances, the e-bike is so light that any reasonable fitness thief would simply throw an open frame on his shoulder or lift his back and roll it. front wheel. For comparison, VanMoof e-bikes have an integrated throat, which also equips the bike with both a high-pitched motion signal and a location tracking service that allows the company to catch the bike if it is stolen. You will definitely want to buy a solid valve or two if you want to park your Eeyo outdoors.

The only way to power Eeyo is with the Gogoro Eeyo app. There is no physical button on the bike or Smartwheel. I’m not a fan of that because your phone can get lost, stolen or just run out of juice, already getting worse the day gets worse when you try to swim home.

I almost got burned when you took the train with Eeyo. Gogoro lets you “shut down” the engine automatically after a predetermined time (options are 5, 10 or 15 minutes or never). My phone was dying when I remembered to turn the bike on and off the car lock, otherwise it might have reached my destination with the engine locked, so I could not swim home until my phone was charging.

During the test, I went through two software questions. The first one prevented me from turning off the Smartwheel, despite charging the battery, և The Gogoro Eeyo app reports its status as unlocked. After restarting many apps, restarting the phone հետո after launching the settings, it finally opened. It’s unclear if the problem was with my phone running iOS 14 beta, or if it had something to do with the Eeyo app or Smartwheel firmware. It happened only once in eight days. However, it does show the potential drawbacks of e-bikes with telephone addiction.

The second software left my battery range indicator borked. I was walking on a long hill (bridge), I was walking in Defensive mode. I walked a few miles without power support with my battery meter reading at 8%. After that I turned a corner, deliberately reduced my speed to 12 km / h, re-engaging the pedal assistant, saw the attachment reset, lost contact with the engine, then reconnected, showing the wheel locked, even when it was constantly spinning ( fortunately). . I clicked unlock but I had no power, although the battery now shows 31%. So I stopped hunting for the app to kill, then I restarted it, the power is back. But the bike eventually died, showing 8% of the power of the attachment, which forced me to return home on the bike, struggling for the last few miles against the added resistance.

The animation of tall apps can be very distracting, especially at night.

The Gogoro Eeyo app is as minimalist as the bike I like. What I do not like is the purple animated bubble that spins the speedometer as you walk. It is constantly turning, shrinking and expanding in the dance that distracts you, especially at night. Luckily, I could put my phone to sleep to ignore it or slip into my navigation app.

A few other observations.

  • I’m very happy that the soft, sticky rubber falls while holding the և phone mount. The handset does absorb dust, sand, and dirt, but both can be quickly cleaned with soap and water.
  • I have never before had such people comment on the look of my bicycles, with better glasses, and how I had passed neither the past nor the flattering words of praise.
  • The installation of the rear brake caliper near the pedals is excellent engineering, even if it ends in a simple Tektro V-Clip. The front wheel is stopped by a TRP disc brake. Both brakes were reliable when stopping the bike.
  • Eeyo app is updated. I received a firmware update the first time I turned it on. Gogoro says Eeyo has some additional improvements, including a “orthodoxy” described as a “not-so-breathtaking”, cycling, health track integration, and a voluntary community program to help ease Smartwheel performance.
  • The Eeyo frame is combined with elegant embellishments, such as the momentary requirements that I adore.
  • The smartwheel does not pick up sound while driving. The only sound when the motor makes a noise is when it locks: blocks, then բավարար it satisfies նման like a transformer.
  • The bike makes a very loud noise when walking on the beach. This can be good because it warns others that they are blocking your flow, or it can be bad because it can draw unwanted attention when you try to relax.
  • Gogoro only delivers lights by bicycle to countries that require them, which is not the case in the United States.
  • The sports bicycle, which steers the bike uphill, will cost $ 289 when it starts shipping in September. An extra portable charger for the office will cost $ 129.
  • Gogoro has Smartwheels, ready for any global region if owners need replacements, which are guaranteed free of charge. The battery is good for 500 or three years, and even then it should have 80% of the original charge, according to Gogoro.
  • Of the two test bikes provided The babyWe blew back the tires 9 miles after 9 miles of the poor New Jersey’s poor roads, bent the left flank from the left cab after failing to properly tighten the left pedal according to the assembly instructions. The former, unfortunately, was a success, we could not renovate it at the time for publication. The latter was obviously a user error, so please learn from our error.
  • The Eeyo 1S is only available with a white matte finish, while the Eeyo 1 is available in cloud blue or lobster orange. The Eeyo 1 is expected to ship in mid-September.

Eeyo 1S is a beautiful showcase of Smartwheel.

Who is this bike for? This is the question I was asking myself during the last week of testing. It’s not a race despite the sports car field. It is also not a city traveler in the traditional sense, as Gogoron does not offer mud piles, lighting, kickbacks or transportation options for the Eeyo range. The low-cost bicycle for $ 4,599 made me laugh out loud at the mix.

When I asked Gogoro who Eeyo was built for, they replied: “With Eeyo 1, we focus on a new area of ​​urban e-cycling for people in cities looking for a faster, more fun ride that also provides maximum portability and a lower level of real estate maintenance experience. “

In other words, it is for anyone who wants to use a Ferrari as an everyday driver, despite the fact that running a supermarket is unnoticeable. It is for the fixer that he wants to win on Sand Hill Road after publicizing their bicycle messenger service.

One thing is for sure. Eeyo is an eye-catching showcase for Smartwheel, which is the real star of the audience.

As with the launch of the original Gogoro scooters in 2015, this super-sided driver was a showcase for the company’s innovative charging solution based on GoStations’s battery exchange network. Gogoro is taking the same approach to Eeyo, while offering to license its Smartwheel technology to potential bicycle developers. Even if its GoStation tech has not completely mastered the world, the company may have a better chance with all its innovative engines. The COVID-19 epidemic has created a huge increase in demand for microcobiles, especially the interest in electric bicycles.

Of course, Gogoro wants to sell some bikes, but Eeyo is pricey, it builds an accessory for an elegant audience. It’s not a mass market game. Maybe it will come later in the form of a new bike design, kick-scooters or other reversible horse built around the Smartwheel. Nevertheless, the Eeyo is the perfect Gogoro vehicle for its impressive all-in-one engine. And there is more money needed to sell blades than razors.

Չնայած ես չեմ կարող Eeyo 1S- ին խորհուրդ տալ մարդկանց մեծամասնությանը, ես նաև չեմ կարող սպասել ՝ տեսնելու, թե ինչ կլինի հաջորդը:

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Vox Media- ն ունի գործընկերային գործընկերություններ: Սրանք չեն ազդում խմբագրական բովանդակության վրա, չնայած Vox Media- ն կարող է հանձնաժողովներ վաստակել դուստր ձեռնարկությունների միջոցով ձեռք բերված ապրանքների համար: Լրացուցիչ տեղեկությունների համար տե՛ս մեր էթիկայի քաղաքականությունը.



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