Google is buying North AR glasses

Google is buying North AR glasses

Google has bought North, a company that focuses on augmented reality glasses. Companies: was announced Earlier in the day, North Korea’s technical inspectorate said it would help Google make “its own efforts and the future of the environment.”

Details of the deal, including how much Google paid, have not been released. With the acquisition, North says it will stop using the functionality of its Focals smart glasses, meaning that wearers who spent up to $ 1,000 on a first-class pair last year will soon be unable to use them.

The North launched Focals 1.0 in January 2019, and during the first month of its launch, it reduced their price by almost half, reaching $ 599.99. There are small lasers in the glasses that depict the images in front of the users’ eyes. Focals are paired with Bluetooth phones for users to display notifications, provide directions, and call Uber. In December last year, the company announced that it would discontinue the original version to focus on the second generation pair. The company has no plans to release the device, says North in a statement.

The North Short Run to sell smart glasses was not easy. The company fired 150 employees last year to keep the company afloat. Employees also warned the company’s management that glasses are more expensive than men’s. After Google acquires Google, the company will remain in Kyster-Waterloo, Canada, and Google says it will continue to work on environmental calculations or build a world whose technology is “fading into the background.” Google says it is “committed to the growing global technology community” in its northern hometown.

Google, of course, has continued to promote its Google Glass product, making it a product for business and developers. It was discontinued by the consumer headset after Glass was first launched seven years ago. It is unknown whether the North will help develop the product, and its IP and expertise are unlikely to hurt.



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