HBO Max is based on the Batman spinoff show based on the upcoming Robert Pattinson movie

HBO Max is based on the Batman spinoff show based on the upcoming Robert Pattinson movie

HBO Max has announced a new TV series centered on Gotham City Police, which will feature Matt Reeves. Batman: a film (to be shot by Robert Pattinson in Bruce Wayne / Batman).

The new series will be shown in the same world as Reeves, the films will be made by Reeves և Dylan Clark (who also produces) Batman:) Boardwalk Empire Creator Terence Winter intends to write the series.

The series promises to “establish” a test of the immobility of corruption in the city of Gotham, “and” further study the multitude of complex and compelling images of Gotham “with the aim of” launching a new Batman universe on many platforms. ”

The new TV series emphasizes how important DC properties are to HBO Max’s overall strategy. Linking the TV series to its next big one Batman: The movie, Warner Bros., hopes to increase the popularity of its DC characters by helping subscribers to a new streaming service. It’s a similar motivation that drives the platform of the already announced DC series coming to the platform և The upcoming release of Snyder Cut of Justice League it is scheduled for next year.

Batman: is not the only property WarnerMedia wants to expand on HBO Max. The company is also going to try similar experiments with its future Duna adjustment. Spinner has already been announced for HBO Max, Dune. Sister who will explore the bigger world Duna երը The characters in it. It will be produced Duna to director Dennis Villeneuve.

WarnerMedia is not the only company trying to connect its blockbusters with the flow. This is the cornerstone of Disney Plus strategy, which he emphasized Star Wars series (like: Mandalorian) And the upcoming Marvel is like that Bishop և the winter soldier or Locke as your subscriptions.

There is no release date for the upcoming Gotham PD HBO Max series yet. Batman: It is planned to be released on October 1, 2021.



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