Horse glasses now work with GPS smartphones to track open water swimming

Horse glasses now work with GPS smartphones to track open water swimming

Horse today is releasing an update to its smart enhanced swimwear goggles, which allow them to pair their selected GPS smartphones with Bluetooth, allowing users to track their swimming in real time in open water, not just in swimming pools.

The $ 199 glasses, released last year, offer a unique way to reverse swimming gauges using motion sensors and an AR screen built into the glasses themselves. But the system, which was smart enough to run on its own from a smartphone, was still limited to catching up in swimming pools where you already knew how far to travel, distance, using whiteboard sensors and algorithms to find out when you finally turned around. from one arm or stopped.

The new update is changing, which, although the glasses are connected to the GPS with an Apple Watch or Garmin smartphone, allows users to get the same real-time swimming measurements (distance, stroke count, calories և more). open water. The glasses can also show extra information taken from a pair of watches, such as your current heartbeat, something they could not do before.

The dot-matrix screen will not show you any AR map, unfortunately, despite the normal pool mode, the swim in the open water will be visible from the goggles to the Horse app when you return your phone. additional GPS լրացուցիչ additional heart rate data), which allows serious swimmers to analyze the results of their swimwear և see a complete map of where they are swimming.

The company advises users to carry their Smartwatch on the same side of their body as the display part of the glasses for the best Bluetooth connection between the devices. He notes that for optimal communication, swimmers are encouraged to swim in freestyle.

The new GPS և heart rate monitor works in conjunction with the Garmin Forerunner 945, fēnix 6 Pro, fēnix 5 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 և Series 5. Using the new features requires updating the glasses to the newly released firmware. և then և installed the companion Garmin or Apple Watch app on your smartwatch.



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