How will Fox Sports use Unreal Engine virtual fans to fill empty stadiums in MLB releases?

How will Fox Sports use Unreal Engine virtual fans to fill empty stadiums in MLB releases?

Baseball is back. But MLB will look different in the world of COVID-19, where empty stadiums are filled with silent cardboard instead of thousands of screaming fans to prevent the virus from spreading. If you do not watch it on Fox Sports. From the beginning of this week, the network will not only be falsified by a false recording of the fans, but also! it also fills the stands for digitally served fans for its MLB broadcasts starting this week with Yankee Nations from this game.

All MLB teams will be relying on the noise of a fake fan in actual stadiums (sources from Sony) MLB. Show layout: games), as well as the usual stadium presenters, walking music և pumps այլ other aspects of the circumstances that accompany the big game of the Baseball League. But Fox Sports is the only host announcing programs for virtual fans.

“We believe that seeing the crowd sitting is part of the broadcast, part of the high-level sports broadcast in the major leagues. So we wanted to find a solution, “said Brad Zager, chief executive officer at Fox Sports.

“We do not want to deceive anyone, it’s still about the game. But when you shoot a shot, when you watch a broadcast, it is not more noticeable that you watch what a broadcast is usually with the fans just in an empty stadium, feeling strange. “We want people to feel normal.” “And we felt like we were going down this path, we’re going to try to use a virtual crowd, we hope it’s mixing up, you can focus more on the game because you don’t think about emptying the Major League Baseball Stadium. game »

The effect is a combination of technologies that you can see before. The augmented reality software for placing the assembled is called Pikotop, who worked on AR graphics for Super Bowl և The Weather Channel horror storm warning demonstrations.

It works through advertising graphics (created by a creative agency) Silver spoon animation) is built with the unreal engine of Epic. The Unreal Engine is used here for the same reason that it is popular for creating video games or developing virtual presets, such as displays. Mandaloryan. Unlike most of the movie graphics that are to be presented in future production after the fact, Unreal can be rendered in real time, making it more suitable for live TV.

Finally, SportsMedia Technology (SMT) – the same company that: Captures most of the sports-centric computer coverage that you are familiar with, such as the yellow bottom line in football, the on-screen clock, the dashboard, etc. Adjust the camera tracks to place those graphs directly in the camera sources. Four cameras – high home, central, high first – third third high cameras, will show virtual fans.

Fox Sports makers will be able to control things like how fully virtual the “crowd” is for the game, what seasons fans are wearing, տոկոս what percentage of the crowd will be home fans rather than far away, although the company is still finds out. how it will make some decisions. “We realize that now, we will continue to develop that process as we move from weekend to weekend, game to week,” says Zager.

Fox Sports broadcasts will combine the standard fan sound recording played in the stadium against the background of players’ microphones (as on the pitch) to other game audio, but it will add that will add to the live audio as well as to the end. does it for MLS games?

And while virtual crowd’s interaction will continue to be key (like mainstream joy, boos, and wave), the company hopes to better integrate the two as it gets more practice over the season. “It’s something we hope to become more collaborative on the same page as we do more and more with the opportunity to bring the audio crowd together.”

At the moment, virtual fans will be broadcast only on FL MLB games, but it is possible that digitally generated fans may appear elsewhere. Zager says the company is working with all of its sports sponsors to ensure that “as we approach the downturn for football և other sports, if we feel it is going in the right direction, we will start running it և exit.” other sports “as well.



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