If you really want a smaller phone, try the little Jelly 2

If you really want a smaller phone, try the little Jelly 2

You’re already complaining that the new iPhone SE is just too big. Unihertz can have a solution. The Jelly 2 launching today On Kickstarter, is really a small phone. The world’s smallest 4G phone with Android 10. How small? I just tried to look it up on my desk to help inspire a good description of this sentence և I finally found it under my remote control air conditioner. Now it’s in my jeans coin pocket to hold me.

The Jelly 2 is the successor to Unihertz’s first phone, and the original Jelly is from 2017. My ex-partner Michael Michael Zelenko tested the Jelly a few years ago as part of a roundup of minimalist phones և its main criticisms – unusable software keyboard, poor battery life և too much functionality to turn it off. Jelly 2 fixes two of those problems.

I have never tried the first jelly, but its continuation feels more practical, at least to a point. Unihertz has given it a 3-inch 480×384 display, which is obviously very small, but a 20% increase in size makes a big difference. You can now see five full tweets at once on screen as long as they contain just a few words. And although I would not like to write much more than a few sentences, the keyboard is just for quick searches, chat answers, and more.

The Jelly 2 doesn’t really have small bezels, but the screen uses the phone’s physical real estate much more efficiently, so the device is only slightly larger than the original. Although the panel is not the brightest person I have ever seen, it is quite sharp. And let’s face it, you’re not going to do this for editing photos or watching movies. Unihertz 4-inch Atom XL feels better for general use of smartphones if you do not want to go small enough.

The performance from the MediaTek Helio P60 processor is not perfect, which I would feel fiery, but more than adequate for the performance I was expecting Jelly 2 to perform. With this small screen, it’s not really worth trying to do a neat multitasking job. I played a few asphalt races to test the performance, it was noticeably low, but most of the games really could not be played on the screen with such a game, even with unlimited horsepower.

As for the battery life, it seems testable. There’s a 2,000mAh battery inside, which is small by Android phone standards, but then most Android phones don’t have to have 3-inch screens, which is more than double the capacity of the original jelly. “I think Jelly 2 would be fine, especially with the expected use of keeping and using in your pocket, rather than the end-to-end doomscrolling ձայն 4K video script.

Speaking of the camera, there is a 16-megapixel sensor on the back and an 8-megapixel sensor for selfies. The front-facing camera isn’t great, it’s amazing, but it does work as long as you only view photos on a small screen. Most real-time cameras have larger screens than the Jelly 2, but you should probably get one if you plan to visit somewhere dark or beautiful.

Some other notes on the devices. This phone is 16.5 mm thick, which seems like a lot, but considering that this small footprint actually makes you feel emotionally soft, like tangled. The fingerprint marker on the back is the worst I have ever used, it may not exist. You get 6 GB of RAM և 128 GB of storage. There is a headphone jack, so you can simply use it as a compact MP3 player if you wish.

If the idea of ​​an Android phone about the size of a small potato is generally appealing to you, then Jelly 2 is about as good an example as I can imagine who is actually making it. Starting at $ 129 on Kickstarter, this should not be your only phone. I can not say that I myself have demanded a lot of Jelly 2, but I continue to appreciate the commitment to Uniquit in the production of UV devices. I’m sure that Jelly 2 is exactly what very few people expected.



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