Interview. From Amy Lee Evans, a legendary fanatic inspiring My Immortality

Interview. From Amy Lee Evans, a legendary fanatic inspiring My Immortality

If you mention the name “My Immortality”, you can mean one of two things. The first is a hit song from the rock band Evanescence in 2003. The second a Harry Potter fan: so transcendent, mysteriously bad that it is has been transforming the internet for years.

Fan: My immortal It’s about a time-traveling mall-goth teen vampire wizard (named Ebony Dark’sness Dementia Raven Way) who is trained in Evanescence and a number of gothic rock bands. She should look like Amy Lee, Evanescence’s lead vocalist, pianist and songwriter. And so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Back in the real world, Lee Լ and the rest of Evanescence spent months under house arrest during a coronavirus outbreak. They then used two music videos to shoot, directed by P. Together with Brown, each was filmed by the band members and their families. It is the last surreal video “The game is over” song from their upcoming album Bitter truth. According to Lee, it is filmed as a “psychological thriller” full of images based on each member’s specific fears or inner d.

These videos, shot in living rooms, cars, and other private spaces, give fans a new look at the lives of the band members. But I was interested in other types of fan relationships. The creators of “My Immortality” found out My immortal? I talked to Lee, և the answer is yes; in fact, it’s part of the family’s long jokes. However, he had never read it before last week.

The next interview was condensed into a “light” edit for simplicity.

You made two videos under quarantine, they took very different approaches. What happened to each of them?

We really had to think some sort of quick thing. We were working on another video treatment that was supposed to be a full production, this whole deal with a lot of stuff that we could not have because of the epidemic, including the fact that we could not even get physically fit because we live all over the world.

We realized that “To waste you” He had a bunch of lyric poems that suddenly made us feel where we were. So we went for it. I really wanted it to be real on a level we had never seen before. In our own homes, in our real life, not dressed, not in makeup, just real, raw us.

For the second, “Okay, how did we learn what we learned? Ացնել Strengthen it so that it becomes a real video rather than just us.” We’ve all taken blocking very seriously, so we’ve been largely alone during this time և it’s somewhat cool as a creator. But you really have to live with yourself all the time.

Some of us have been through some difficult times over the years. [Bassist Tim McCord] : We both had losses in our immediate family. It was just very difficult. So you know, when you finally have to stop deviating from all the things that make us happy, there is silence, իր those things come out. So each of us had a confession of having a private bowel movement [P.R. Brown] about what we are struggling with.

We just shared so deeply that we usually do not fall when it comes to at least our visuals. When I add my songs to my music, it is always really raw. But here we are probably not going to restrain the video side և just to beautify it. We intend to go for it, to allow it to be ugly, to separate ourselves from the dark parts.

I think most of your music is open և vulnerable և you communicate with fans online. What does it mean to make a video at home, which means that your normal social media presence չեն is not music?

I hope it just shows more and more that willingness to be vulnerable, because no matter how hard it is, it always leaves me feeling more satisfied than just putting it on a beautiful face.

Social media is such a weird world for me. I love it – thank you for the idea that we can connect directly with our fans. But it is a double-edged sword. It is an open platform for everyone to criticize everything about you. And when you go there, you see it. I think this is true for everyone. It does not matter if you are famous or not. It’s just a place where people don’t have to show their face to say things, it’s very ugly.

Photo by Mark Horton / Getty Images

How is your relationship with the fans in particular? People send you things that inspire you.

Oh my God, that’s wonderful. We got so much art. I have a huge collection of things I depended on from the beginning. There are so many talented people out there trying their best to make a piece of visual art that is either something in the Evanescence world or just something that came out of them while they were listening to our music.

Then there are the other things you need to keep in mind because they are so much fun. People will make a crazy poem, which is completely meaningless, but I am an image inside it, which is amazing. I seem to know that this person looks like a 12-year-old և quite frankly, but it’s so funny. I have a small studio, ընթացքում during our unexpected free time I donated a little time so that the bathroom wall would be wall to wall with all the fan stuff.

Which brings me to my next question. Have you heard? My immortal?

I think for a long time I just was not aware of it. And then my cynical, Reddit-loving younger sister, who is also an English teacher, goes on vacation somewhere every year, when the family is all together, for some reason. And he is like that. “Wait, you haven’t read it yet My immortal? And I like it. “No, what do you mean?” He loves, “You have to. Okay, hold on. Let me read a passage to you.” And then he’ll pick up his phone ու read a wonderful paragraph from the funniest, funniest of all nonsense.

It’s one of his favorite things to do, and he thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world աշխարհի I still do not read it. It was a kind of continuous joke with us. And here a few days ago I called that you want to talk about it, so I was like. I have to read a little bit of that. ”

I read, I think not so much half of it, but it was in tears. I was really laughing, really hard, for a moment, just because of nonsense. And then I started asking myself, is this real? I can not say for sure. I am not completely determined. It is sincere. I feel like it may have started out just as honestly, but they came in and started playing for those who hated it. I can not say What do you think?

It should have been so detailed, but there are a number of cases where it really seems that the person knows a lot more than the image they put.

I noticed an omission that looked like a victory, instead it was a “victory”. And I was like, come on, don’t you think the “elephant” is “victorious”? It’s not possible

For a moment, the name of the main character is spelled in two different words in three words.

I saw it too. I’m torn because I want it to be honest, sort of … but I don’t know.

There are things about it that are not surprising. How ridiculous it is to talk about cutting your wrists. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

Yes, if you go back to the old internet culture, most of it is really ugly. And it ‘s weird trying to separate those things.

It’s better now.

I do not know, because I’m too old to know what ‘s going on. But: the kids look better. They often look better.

I would like to believe that we have grown a little bit more than that as a society. Maybe everyone who has a little more microphone has taught us some things we need to be aware of that are beyond our comprehension, our personal experience. There are other people who see it differently. I think it would be good if it was right.

I was still a teenager when My immortal came out, և seems to describe the very recognizable “Goths vs. Preparation” competition. Have you felt that?

I think funny thoughts arise in that world. I mean, it should have been, come on, some of it really resonates with me in real terms. But I did not consider myself. It’s a weird and fun part, it sounds good, it describes the hatred of tastes, և you are cold, you are underground, you understand real life և the weight of death և I get it. But if you are so depressed, everything is so difficult, you are so real, they are so false, why do you put so much effort into your gaze?

That was what kept me glued to the word “goth” when it first came to me in my early years. If I were 15 years old, և you would ask me what I am, I am sullen. I buy all my clothes in the garage, I do not look at my murmur, I get ready two seconds before school, և all the preparations are one, who focus all their attention on what they are going to the party. to go

Yes, that part was funny to me. That part existed.

I love your idea of ​​knowing this for years without reading it.

I want to thank you for having a really good laugh last night. It’s not that when I have free time I push myself to read terribly bad things. But in reality it is quite interesting.

And you must love all the characters that invade the song to sing My Chemical Romantic. That’s great.



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