Lime resumes bouncing electric bikes in London

Lime resumes bouncing electric bikes in London

Lime is restarting Jump’s electric bicycle service after its first move in London after acquiring a combat bicycle brand from Uber.

To get started, bikes can only be rented in the Uber app. They will be added to the Lime app later, “following the integration of future systems,” Lime said. At first, several hundred e-bikes will be available and will be in high demand. Pricing will be 1 pound sterling: 15 per minute. The bikes will initially be located in Kemden and Illington.

The return of the “switch” e-bikes may come as a surprise to some who were pessimistic about the brand’s survival after the acquisition of Lime in June. After the deal, bicycles were removed from all US and European markets, and hundreds of jump workers were fired. Most troubling, Uber sent tens of thousands of red e-bikes to scrapyard, a move that angered former employees and the enthusiasm of bicycles.

At the time, Lyme said it was targeting “tens of thousands of bicycles” for its own purposes, and “committed to making them heavier and more efficient during this time.” In addition to unloading from Jumping on Lime, Uber has dropped a $ 170 million investment cycle into limestone, which has reduced the scooter’s startup rating by almost 80 percent.

Recently, the United Kingdom recently legalized the exchange of electronic scooters and plans to create a pilot service starting from the weekend of July 4. In response, Lyme said he had partnered with insurance company Allianz to provide insurance coverage to British customers at no extra cost. “This policy means that cyclists can walk to an electronic limestone scooter and swim without worrying about knowing they are protected,” says Lyme.



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