Lincoln is again canceling the continent, as the United States depends on SUVs

Lincoln is again canceling the continent, as the United States depends on SUVs

Lincoln will end production of the famous continental sedan in late 2020, just four years later, after a 14-year hiatus. Why? Because the Americans have fallen with the Invertebrates and Trucks, which have become incredibly popular in the last few years.

how Car news the first reportedLincoln will continue to sell the car in the US and Chinese markets next year. Lincoln has long been rumored to be interested in building vehicles in China, but will not say if it plans to move production to the mainland. “Sedans continue to be important for China’s luxury market, and we will have more to say about our plans in the future,” the company spokesman said. The origin: Wednesday

The decision to remove the continent from the US market may be dangerous, but it is not surprising. Lincoln’s parent company, Ford, has already abandoned all of its sedans, except for the Mustang. Everything Ford currently sells here is a SUV or a truck. Lincoln is also moving in this direction, and the company announced earlier this year that it will take place make another MKZ sedan.

Continental peaked in its first year of sales, with Lincoln selling 12,012. The company sold only 8,758 continents in 2018, and only 6,586 in 2019. In contrast, Lincoln sold 18,656 Navigators, the company’s top SUV, in 2019, despite a base price of more than $ 30,000 on the continent.

Carmakers like to say that they have changed their lineup to introduce more SUVs and trucks, as consumers prefer to swim higher, have extra space in the cabin and the utility of the attachment, as well as the ease of entry and exit. And that’s true, but these companies also make a lot more money from every SUV they sell than the sedans they make. So, even if someone wants to buy a sedan, automakers are pushing consumers to drive bigger cars. This has led to huge spots in both greenhouse gas missions And: pedestrian deaths | deaths.



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