Mercedes-Benz reports that after a bad sale, the subscriber takes out his subscription service

Mercedes-Benz reports that after a bad sale, the subscriber takes out his subscription service

Mercedes-Benz ceases its two-year subscription service after average sales Car news reports.

Mercedes-Benz US sales chief Adam Chamberlain described the service as a learning experience that could be expanded if sales were better. “If demand were unbelievable, it could be more,” said Chamberlain Car news last week. “But the demand was just good, so we kept it.”

Mercedes-Benz first launched its collection subscription service in Atlanta in 2018, with the aim of appealing to customers who want to access a luxury car park but do not have to have one. The program offered customers 30 monthly payment models, which included insurance, round-the-clock support and vehicle maintenance.

But the collection has never expanded beyond the pre-trial cities of Philadelphia, Atlanta and Nashville. The service attracted several hundred customers, and Mercedes executives expected it to make a first profit in the first 12-18 months. Auto News: reports A spokesman for Mercedes-Benz did not immediately return a request for comment.

The Mercedes collection consisted of three levels. The signature is $ 1,095 per month, the reservation is $ 1,595 per month, and the premium is $ 2,995 per month. A one-time $ 495 connection fee is required. As of February 2020, Mercedes was still trying to increase its juice sales by adding a new scale consisting of the manufacturer’s high-quality AMG models.

But Mercedes doesn’t go far. Told Chamberlain Auto News: that the automaker was able to gather a “data mountain” on its subscribers, many of whom were, on average, 10 years younger than the automaker’s regular customers. It will help buyers of cars that will be better targeted by the car company in the future, he said.

Subscriptions were a mixed bag for the automotive industry. Ford resigned last fall due to low demand. Cadillac closed its “Booklet” service in 2018, only to restore it, a few months later with fewer options.

Other automakers have had some success. BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Nissan and Jaguar still offer some subscription options. Even big car rental companies, Hertz and Enterprise, are launching the campaign. Most of these subscriptions are only available in special cities and are still in the trial phase.



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