Microsoft’s US offices will not reopen until 2021 at the earliest

Microsoft’s US offices will not reopen until 2021 at the earliest

Microsoft does not plan to fully reopen its US offices until at least 2021. January Sources familiar with the company’s plans tell The baby that Microsoft has chosen 2021 January 19 is the earliest date for the United States to open its offices to staff. The software giant is currently planning a “hybrid workplace” for the phased reopening of its offices, and Microsoft has produced a six-phase suite that shows a normal return for employees.

The sixth phase of the call will be when the offices are fully reopened to return employees. Microsoft offices will return to normal operation only when most of the restrictions on COVID-19 outbreaks have been lifted, and health data suggests it is safe to return.

Here are six steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

  • Stage 1. Closed
  • 2nd stage. Must work from home
  • 3rd stage. Working from home is encouraged
  • 4th stage. Soft opening
  • Stage 5. Open with restrictions
  • Stage 6: open

“In the United States, we have confirmed that the earliest possible date for Phase 6 is now January 19, 2021,” said Kurt DelBen, Microsoft’s head of corporate strategy, in an internal memo. The baby. “Our goal in Stage 6 is to get back to normal, preparing to return to an earlier stage if there is a significant resurgence of the virus.”

We understand that Microsoft will adjust ի move the January 2021 date as needed in response to the current epidemic.

Microsoft initially allowed employees to return home before March due to mandatory household policy work as the epidemic spread to Seattle. The company is currently in the second phase of its workplace, which provides mandatory work from home.

Microsoft is not alone in returning to its offices by 2021. Google plans to keep its employees away until July 2021, and Apple employees will not return to their offices until early next year. Facebook employees are also allowed to work remotely until the end of 2020, and Amazon allows employees to work from home until January 2021.



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