Netflix’s Old Guard guards summer blockchains

Netflix’s Old Guard guards summer blockchains

It was a weird summer for movies. Between late April and July, Marvel և DC superheroes were thought to dominate. Fast և Stormy Privilege և Christopher Nolan’s immaculate drama Tenet, but the outages of the theater due to the epidemic led to a noisy termination. But in the middle of this cinematic gridlock, fresh air was breathing for everyone looking for a classic Hollywood summer blockbuster. Old guardian. It’s the proper popcorn finger that we lack.

Old guardian, released on Netflix, checks every box of summer hits. History is a group of immortal warriors who have been doing good for centuries pulled from the pages of a popular comedy series. The actor is in charge Mad Max. Fury Road: և: Atomic blonde star Charlize Theron (և a A cool diverse group of co-stars), are unbearable heroes who have been fighting for humanity for millennia, which promises to be a leap of action. It is a world-famous adventure, full of interesting sights, covered with scenes of Theron և inconsolable actions of friends, slowing down useless rivers – practically a requirement for a modern hit. Let’s not forget the big pharmaceutical company that wants to win the power of the immortals to make a profit, a story that could be immediately dispelled X-Men: movie:

It is such summer action that is easy to imagine a world where Old guardian Instead of Netflix streaming charts, it fights to the top of the box office. It is not only a good, entertaining film, which is evaluated in comparison with the weakness of the new releases compared to the degree of curvature. This is a great action movie, period.

Old guardian It was not the only big debut film this weekend, but it was outside theaters.

Maybe you are hungry for rum-com և turn to Hulu’s deaf mind Palm Springs:, A new twist to the Groundhog Day script with a pair of charismatic guides. Or maybe you wanted a more serious drama in which you could install Apple TV Plus? ” Gray.

Image by Hulu

It is not by chance that these streaming movies start to feel much more like summer blockbusters. Some of them were meant to be just that. Gray Before the first pandemic hit, it was the first to debut in theaters, փորձ Sony sold the rights to Apple in an attempt to save its investment. Palm Springs: He headed to the big screen until Hulu bought the rights as the most expensive movie ever bought In Sundance. And Old guardian – Or has almost always been considered an exclusive Netflix product – produced by Skydance Media, the same hit factory that was on the list of laundry delights, including recently The mission is impossible, Jack are you Reicher?, և: Terminator: films:

The theater epidemic և The subsequent shutdown created the perfect storm for streaming success. Almost everyone is stuck inside, մեծ most of the movies in most of the larger box offices are obsessed with unusual excitement. They are too big to write off the internet, so the only step is to push them further into the fog. the future, when things “return to normal”. It leaves the audience hungry like Hollywood scenes Old guardian և: Unlike indoor theaters, Netflix is ​​always open for business.

They like movies in that vacuum Old guardian not only do they maintain the spirit of summer blockbusters. At a time when it is impossible to imagine going to the theater with a crowd of people, this is proof that traditional films can survive not only by bypassing theaters, but can also thrive on home production. It is too early to say what the new normal will be when the dust settles, but the balance between theatrical releases and streaming titles will be very different when theaters reopen.

Last weekend is probably the closest we will get to a “normal” multiplex weekend in 2020. And it is possible to look at what the future holds for major films as the epidemic continues to change the way we relate to films like institutions. theaters and streaming services are the same. But a year later, where there is nowhere to go, Old guardian It ‘s a summer blockbuster that may not depend on the cinema at all.



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