Netgear now has a slightly more expensive Wi-Fi 6 Orbi mesh router

Netgear now has a slightly more expensive Wi-Fi 6 Orbi mesh router

Netgear launches a the second model with its Orbi mesh router with Wi-Fi 6 support, following a high-end model released last fall. He called this new version eloquent RBK752:, is more of a mid-range model that offers slightly reduced performance at a slightly lower price. This is still an Orbi router, but it is still expensive. $ 450 for the router and satellite. High quality model, RBK852:, offers the same package for $ 700.

Even cheaper, this new model is still a fairly capable network system. The RBK752 is a tribune system, meaning it has a radio dedicated to wireless communication between units, and it offers four communication currents with a maximum theoretical speed of 4.2Gbps. It has been downgraded from RBK852’s eight streams to G 6Gbps.

Orb’s system has consistently received high marks for its reliability and performance. However, it comes with some drawbacks. Network nodes are significantly larger than Eero’s և Nest competitors, making it harder for them to hide around the house. These special models are also much more expensive. You can buy a Wi-Fi 5 network for half price, although it will be less secure in the future.

Nighthawk RAX50:
Image: Netgear:

Netgear is officially launching RBK752 today, although it has been moving to stores for the past month or two. Additional satellites will be available for $ 280, and there will be a $ 600 package with a router and two satellites. Carver notes for existing Orbi owners. You can mix and match Wi-Fi 6 Orbi units, so RBK852 can connect to RBK752 – but you can’t connect one of these newer Orbi units to the old Wi-Fi 5 Orbi units. . It doesn’t matter to new buyers, but it does mean that existing owners will not be able to upgrade their system by adding new units.

In addition to the new Orbi model, Netgear recently launched a new Nighthawk router, which is designed to sit in the middle of its composition. The: RAX50: It is a six-way Wi-Fi 6 router with a full support for 160 MHz frequency for higher performance. It is now available for $ 299.



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