Nvidia reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to buy ARM for more than $ 32 billion

Nvidia reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to buy ARM for more than $ 32 billion

SoftBank has been There are rumors circulating that they are studying the sale of ARM – British chip designer who manages almost all major mobile processors from Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung և Huawei,, now it is possible to find a buyer. Nvidia is reportedly in “advanced negotiations” to acquire ARM in a deal worth more than $ 32 billion. according to: Bloomberg.

Nvidia is said to be the only company currently involved in specific purchasing discussions with SoftBank, and the deal could come “in the next few weeks”, although nothing has been finalized yet. If the deal goes through, it would be one of the largest deals ever in the computer chip business, and it will probably be strictly regulated.

SoftBank bought ARM in 2016 for $ 31 billion, and ARM has only grown in value since then as its design became more and more integrated into devices like Android և iOS. Microsoft is already developing an ARM-based version of Surface և for ARM; Apple recently announced that it will ship its Mac computers to ARM-based chipsets for the ultimate benefit of the company. As SoftBank seeks to pay off its growing debt pile to attract troubled investors, ARM sales at its peak could help boost the finances of Japanese tech conglomerates.

Nvidia will make ARM an interesting owner, while the company is the leader in GPUs (which ARM also designs), it really has nothing to do with the processor or mobile devices. Tegra line from mobile chipsets (best known for the Nintendo Switch N Nvidia Shield line of boxes), which are actually based on ARM designs.

The owner of ARM would give Nvidia much more power over the wider computing world և will probably lead to some heavy testing from regulators, given that Nvidia is an ARM customer competing with other companies that also trust ARM projects.



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