Overview of OnePlus Buds. Cheap AirPods for OnePlus phones

Overview of OnePlus Buds. Cheap AirPods for OnePlus phones

OnePlus has been making great headphones for years, and today the company is introducing its first true wireless pair. The $ 79 OnePlus Buds aggressively priced like the AirPod, which is plastic like everyone else, with a range of bullets, from a wireless 2 cartridge to another OnePlus headset that used silicone-enclosed, ear-hugging tips.

OnePlus Buds require OnePlus phones if you want to get the most out of them, so owners of other Android devices will not really like them. You will not get features like wireless charging or noise cancellation at this low price, but if you are jealous of Apple AirPods չի you do not like how the earphones feel, it is difficult to overcome the value factor here. OnePlus Buds has battery power, decent sound and stable wireless connectivity. They are available in white-gray US, where the blue / green divider is reserved for international markets. I think it looks a lot like a toy, but such a bold color version can breathe fresh air for some.

The reality is that the one-size-fits-all approach – OnePlus calls it “half ear” is always going to leave some people unsuccessful. I have never enjoyed how regular AirPods feel to my ear; they are not very stable և for all the praise they receive for their daily comfort, my ears are not very suitable for them.

OnePlus Buds did not succeed better. When my ears were ringing, I realized they were sitting or walking around. But if I tried to run with them, they would end up furious. The other people I tried them on said they felt as good as AirPods, they would not hesitate to wear them, so this goes down your ear.

OnePlus Buds a person wearing ears.

In distance, the OnePlus Buds are very similar to Apple’s standard AirPods.

As for why OnePlus went this route, the company gave me this explanation.

Half ear nails are generally more comfortable for more people, so we wanted to make the OnePlus Buds more user-friendly, especially for users looking for their first truly wireless headphones. We understand that different people have different preferences, so we will continue to listen to users’ feedback on future products. Our goal is always to ensure a high balance between high quality sound, fast charging, comfort և reasonable price և.

Like AirPods, the outdoor design of the OnePlus Buds will limit their sound potential. You are about to hear the whole world around you, without it you can not avoid it without the inconvenience of removing the volume և, possibly on an unsafe level. OnePlus says it strained the bass to raise the headphones, but without the ear seals, the result still falls from the low-end egg you hear from Bullets Wireless 2 neck headphones or one of our best true wireless pictures.

If you can live with it, the sound they produce has a nice wide sound stage. Phoebe Bridgers’s “Graceland Too” shines with a rich separation for sound գործիք harmonies. But other traces of the weekend’s “Blinding Lights” seem to be humble without that complete seal. OnePlus Buds will do the job of casual, everyday listening, but if you want better bass և noise isolation, you need to spend a little more money. OnePlus supports SBC և AAC codecs with Buds. The company went with a non-Qualcomm chipset inside, so it could not use higher quality codecs like apt-X HD. (In any case, you will not be able to tell the difference between this codec and this style of open ear.)

Close-up photo of OnePlus headphones in human hands.

OnePlus Buds installs solid plastic, the best one-size-fits-all design.

The charging case looks like a crumbling, grumbling version of the Pixel Buds case. OnePlus claims that it took about 90 days to improve the glossy texture of the case. I like the end result, the math always wins out brighter, especially on summer dog days. Consider Samsung. (The headphones themselves are shiny.) The blisters can last up to seven hours on the battery,, the case has enough juice to give you about 30 hours of total listening time.

So far in testing the OnePlus Buds, I have not been able to do much with the faucet control on each side. There is no way to stop music with headphones at this time. All you have to do is double-tap to skip the next song or hold for three seconds to switch between synchronized devices. Fortunately, there is more personalization, fortunately. Before they launch in late July, OnePlus will introduce a software update to their phones that lets you double-tap your preferred action so you can pause. Activate Google Assistant or go back: to the last song instead of always skipping it. It’s a bit strange that the controllers are so limited out of the box, so you should avoid OnePlus Buds if you have another Android phone, but at least it fixes it.

OnePlus Buds side profile shot showing circular tap area for controllers.

The “CD-like” outer bezel touches the design from previous OnePlus headphones.

You can’t deny their AirPodish look, but the OnePlus Buds use those long stems. Each bud has three microsystems: top, middle, bottom, running some noise reduction algorithms to help people hear your calls more clearly. Everyone I called while wearing OnePlus Buds was able to hear me without any problems. The company also hints at extremely low latency between OnePlus headphones when in gaming / fanatic mode, which should help them keep track of everything on the screen.

They do not have wireless charging, but OnePlus Buds wraps some packages despite the low price. They are rated IPX4 water resistant so they can withstand sweat և splash of water. They automatically shut down music when the headset is removed; they also support Android’s Quick Pair feature, which links them to your Google Account ear error. Unfortunately, you can not use any of the headphones to make audio or calls on your own, they can be combined into one device at a time.

White և blue / green OnePlus Buds photo.

The blue version will not be for everyone, but it definitely stands out.

I think the real wireless headphones of the future OnePlus will put more emphasis on sound, will have a design more in line with the company’s range of bullets. But with OnePlus Buds in the spotlight, it was clear that OnePlus customers would be offered a cheaper version of AirPods. You get a very solid ear pack for that $ 79 if the fit is right.

Photography by Chris Welch / The Verge



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