Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5 standard promises 50% charge in less than five minutes

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5 standard promises 50% charge in less than five minutes

Qualcomm has introduced Quick Charge 5, the company’s latest fast charging standard ստ it brings a number of great promises: a charging speed of more than 100 watts on a smartphone – one to charge the device from 0 to 50% in five minutes or to fully charge possibility: phone in 15 minutes.

It’s been several years since Qualcomm introduced its latest major fast charging standard, the Quick Charge 4 (which also had an improved version, the Quick Charge 4+), but the new version represents the biggest leap for the company so far, at least where clean is the charging speed? Qualcomm is not ashamed of how much of an improvement this is. The company says that the Quick Charge 5 is up to 70% more efficient than the Quick Charge 4, charging up to 4 times faster, while still running 10 degrees Celsius cooler than the old version.

As he noted Anandtech, Quick Charge 5 actually uses the standard USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS) standard (existing subset of USB-C PD spectrum), allowing for even greater control over voltage and current levels during charging. : The advantage of this is that Quick Charge 5 is theoretically universal. Any USB PD-PPS charger should be able to charge your 5 fast chargers at full speed.

Another important change here is the fact that Quick Charge 5 now supports the 2S battery system for two battery-powered batteries, allowing you to double charge the voltage. In turn, this increases the charging speed.

It is also compatible with: Older fast-charging accessories and devices will still work with the new 5-speed charger, despite the fastest speeds these chargers can provide. (On the other hand, USB-C PD devices will only benefit from charging iPhones faster than USB հիմն-based Quick Charge 4 բարձր higher systems.)

This leads to everyone’s biggest advantage. The fact that Quick Charge 5 is part of Qualcomm’s overall parts package. Qualcomm is already one of the largest suppliers of processors, modems, tons of companies use its power solutions for easy compatibility with these existing products. Given that Quick Charge 5 is likely to start flying over tons of phones when the first devices are shipped. Q3 2020:



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