Rocket Lab’s 13th launch fails after rocket launches missile flight

Rocket Lab’s 13th launch fails after rocket launches missile flight

Rocket Lab’s 13th mission to space ended in failure on Saturday, after the company’s rocket caused some problems after it was launched into space. As a result, Rocket Lab lost its rocket, as did all of its satellites.

The company’s “Electron” rocket was successfully launched at 5 pm. 19 from ET, the first launch site of Rocket Lab on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. The launch seemed to be going well during the first decisive minutes, but about six minutes after the launch, the live video of the rocket was stopped. At that moment, the Rocket Lab’s live stream showed that the rocket had begun to lose speed and fall to altitude.

The company eventually cut off the flow. After that, Rocket Lab found out that the “Electron” missile was lost during the flight.

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck has apologized for his failure on Twitter. “I’m sorry we weren’t able to deliver our customers’ satellites today.” he tweeted. “Rest assured that we will find the problem, fix it and return to the archive soon.”

The mission, called “Photos, or It Didn’t Happen,” mainly carried small satellites depicting the Earth. The main cargo was Canon Electronics’ CE-SAT-IB, which was designed to display Earth’s imaging technology with high-quality, wide-angle cameras. The rocket also carried five SuperDove satellites from Planet, which is also designed to depict the Earth from above. The latest shipment was a small satellite called Faraday-1 from In-Space Missions, which hosted many tools from start-ups and other organizations that needed space travel.

So far, Rocket Lab has deployed 53 spacecraft in the Earth’s lower orbit, 12 separate missions so far, and the third Rocket Lab launches this weekend.

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