Samsung’s fast T7 USB-C SSD is now available for $ 110

Samsung’s fast T7 USB-C SSD is now available for $ 110

Samsung’s T7 portable SSD is now available after the launch of CES 2020 earlier this year. The T7 is the successor to the slim, wallet-sized T5 USB-C SSD that came out in 2017. If you are wondering, are you wondering if this product has already been released, well, sort of? Back in January, Samsung released the T7 Touch, a slightly more expensive version that has a fingerprint sensor to verify your identity before the SSD is installed on your device.

This standard T7 does not have this hardware feature (although it still contains optional password protection with AES 256-bit encryption), so it is $ 20 cheaper in all formats. The base model of the 500 GB costs $ 110The 1TB costs $ 200 and the 2TB costs $ 370. The T7 comes with a metallic red, dark blue and titanium gray, and the box includes a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable. It is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Windows 10, macOS and Android. This does not mean that it cannot work on iOS, iPadOS and gaming consoles. It’s just that Samsung’s app isn’t available on those platforms, and if you’ve turned on the SSD password protection feature, it should be turned off on a compatible device before using it properly.

There has been no significant change in the physical makeup of the SSD wall (we found that the T7 Touch is a bit thinner, but slightly higher than the T5), with a fairly improved engine inside. Samsung has upgraded SSD technology from SATA to NVMe in this generation, the same type of fast storage that can be found in mid-range and high-end laptops.

It is next to the T5 (left) T7 Touch. Try to imagine that the fingerprint indicator is not there,: Samsung icon is focused, then you have a new T7.
Photo by Avery White for Verge

Samsung claims up to 1,050 MB / s transfer speed for the T7, as it does for the T7 Touch, so both should be adequate. When I tested the T7 Touch using the USB-C port on the 2019 MacBook Pro, I found that the T7 Touch is close to those requirements, with an average write speed of 807MB / s and an average read speed of 903MB. / s: When it came to improving speed, I found out

“It took an average of ten seconds to copy 13 GB of files on a MacBook Pro, which is about 40 percent better than the same test with the T5 SATA SSD. The file took an average of 11 seconds to copy to the T7 Touch, and about 35 percent faster than the T5. ”

In general, the T7 should lead to faster transmission speeds than the previous generation. It’s not a Thunderbolt 3 drive, but it’s still fast, and it’s quite affordable. If you’re going to buy a T5, you might want to consider getting a T7 instead.



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