Some nest thermometers can no longer connect to the Internet, so Google is replacing them

Some nest thermometers can no longer connect to the Internet, so Google is replacing them

Some users of Nest thermostats can no longer remotely control devices, a problem that has forced Google to completely replace the devices unless the standard solution is otherwise available. The question that started Gathering in Nest forums last November ը Giving more than 200 answers is known as a “w5 error”, և it turns off the remote control of the company’s thermometers.

Controlling the temperature of your home with your smartphone when you leave the house or away from a physical device is the only selling point of the Nest thermostat. So this is quite a serious problem, even if you can still manually adjust the temperature on the device itself. Google says it is aware of the problem and is now offering replacements to device owners who are unable to resolve the issue with standard conversion procedures.

“A very small number of Nest thermostat users have a known problem with their Wi-Fi chip, which causes remote connection problems. “It does not affect the thermostat’s ability to control the customer’s heating or cooling system at home, but it does affect the user’s ability to remotely control the thermostat,” said a Google spokesman. The baby. “If the user sees this error, և it can not be solved through a solution, they will be asked to apply for customer support, they will be given a replacement device»

It is not yet clear where this question comes from. Some forum users say that Google’s support channel points to a recently updated indicator that turned off the device’s Wi-Fi chip, but Google itself does not say. In any case, the company minimizes the severity of the w5 error by offering standard troubleshooting that can fix it when it actually sounds as if some devices are just plain broken and can now take advantage of another Nest feature. The fact that Google must replace some of these thermostats is a bit of a concern, considering that the thermostat is not something you would normally want to troubleshoot.



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