Sony’s unannounced 1000XM4 headphones leak completely with minor but welcome changes

Sony’s unannounced 1000XM4 headphones leak completely with minor but welcome changes

Sony’s unannounced WH-1000XM4 noise headphones come out all thanks new list on Walmart website it reveals that there is basically everything you need to know about updated headphones. This includes new AI features: the ability to improve compressed music, connect multiple devices at once և $ 348 price tag, through: Android Police:.

Most of the 1000XM4s seem to be identical to the M3s, which seems to be similar in design, noise cancellation technology, fast USB-C charging, Sony’s LDAC transmission technology and touchpad management pillars. That’s a good thing, considering that the M3s were already the best headphones around.

The long-awaited option for the new M4 is to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time (like a phone or a laptop). Sony is also working to improve phone calls with the M4, adding what “precise voice picking technology” means, which promises to use five built-in microphones along with improved signal processing to better select your voice.

There’s also an interesting new Adaptive Sound Control Control feature that allows users to install various custom settings profiles from different places (such as a library or cafe) through the Sony companion app.

Finally, the 1000XM4 will feature a new version of Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine technology, DSEE Extreme (replacing the old DSEE HX technology), which promises to use the PC “to increase the number of compressed digital music files in real time” to “restore the high quality sound lost in compression”.

Unfortunately, unlike some rumors that the 1000XM4s will offer a battery boost, it looks like Sony still promises a 30-hour battery life on the new model (same as the M3).

Despite the leak, Sony has yet to officially announce the 1000XM4. However, when the list of products shows up, it will most likely be much sooner than the more official disclosure.



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