Sounds like Google Pixel 4A almost ready to go without a radar

Sounds like Google Pixel 4A almost ready to go without a radar

“Where’s Google’s Pixel 4A?” This is the question we asked two weeks ago, accelerating the fact that Google seems to have released the usual window to release its detailed followers on the company’s impressive but short battery-powered Pixel 4 flag.

But new FCC lawsuit today, spotted by XDA-Developerssuggests a more affordable Pixel 4A.

Technically, it does not take into account that in fact the phone of Google, which has just been authorized by the Federal Communications Commission, did not allow is: The Pixel 4A, nor Google, is actually going to be announced soon, if ever.

We know for sure that Google’s G025J may be It is now sold in the United States, and we usually see that FCC allows such phones before they become official. Google doesn’t make a lot of phones, and it’s likely that since the G020 was meant for the Pixel 4, the G025 will be a kind of half-step successor.

Yes, but I lied. We can clear something else from FCC records as well. This phone is definitely will not work Google’s little Soli radio indicator chip has a “Motion Sense” gesture control and quicker face opening.

Why do I say that? This radar technology uses millimeter-wave radio frequencies that need to be detected in these FRF filters … And that’s not the case. They showed it In the Pixel 4 FCC records as from 58 to 63.5GHz. But it’s not like the previous leaks offered by the Pixel 4A k: have Soli,. it is not clear where the sensor lived. The leaked images suggest that the new phone will not have a Pixel 4 bezel full of the same sensor.

And all the rest, we think we still know about the Pixel 4a, including the 5.81-inch screen, the processor, the battery, the camera, and the headphone and fingerprint reader.

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