Summer technology. Suggestions for fixtures, outfits and gizmos

Summer technology. Suggestions for fixtures, outfits and gizmos

Despite all the diseases and upheavals that 2020 brings, there is at least one thing we can celebrate. Summer is here. And while your favorite sports team may stop, the holiday trip may be canceled, and your family will have to wait, there are still things to enjoy and ways to relax. Staff: The origin: They have come together to offer some of their favorite fixtures, devices and fixtures to help you have the best possible summer.

Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark II.

Sitting inside all day means that even the easiest and shortest visits abroad can feel like a kind of magic and other world. It’s fun for me to bring my tourists’ camera to the Olympus E-M10 Mark II so I can walk around and capture the little moments of beauty in the world before returning to my cabin. I usually did it every summer, but it’s especially worth feeling.

Cameron Faulkner

Quad Lock bike phone installation

Quad Lock bike phone installation.
Photo by Quad Lock

If you use a bicycle to surround yourself, installing a phone is a big investment. You can use it to turn your phone into a boat ride, allowing you to find your way without constantly turning to the other side, checking the directions. Personally, I consider it necessary to get anywhere on time when I have two wheels.

For the past six months, I’ve been using the Quad Lock mounting system to attach my Pixel 3 everyday driver to my bike. You get a small mounting bracket that attaches to your bike (there are a few different options here, but I have one that fits directly into my bike’s trunk), and then you’ll get a telephone case that has a mounting nozzle. his back. It’s easy to attach, and when it’s there, I find it stays slow, whether I’m paddling on a trunk, with pebbles or gravel.

The only possible problem with the system is that it works best when you have a phone for which Quad Lock sells a special case. (These include iPhones like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and Pixel phones.) universal fit outfitwhich you can stick with other phones or cases, but it stays a little longer than your phone, and that’s it. It is reported that it may be a little irritating.

Otherwise, my Quad Lock was an incredibly useful little update for my bike, which allowed me to turn around at any time, but not prematurely.

Jon on Porter:
International news

Lumos LED bike helmet

Lumos LED bike helmet.
Image: Lumos

The good news. Bicycle sales in the United States are growing, both wheels were hit by a record number of people trying to improve their COVID-inspired cottage fever. Bad news. Cars are also coming back, with many drivers using less congested streets quickly reckless. As always, safety is paramount, so when you go out riding, you should always wear a helmet. As Tracy Jordan worm would say, “You have to protect your mind from grapes.” But why solve any piece of plastic and hard foam when you can get something smarter?

There are a growing number of bicycle helmets that include built-in LED lights. Lumos is a popular brand with three LED modules that allow drivers to see you from most angles. Last year at the NYC Bike Expo, I tried Matrix, and I was looking forward to the upcoming Ultra. Cycling experts like it to be well-ventilated, which makes it perfect for all summer walks. I like the fact that it looks cool while keeping me safe (hopefully) from unnoticed drivers.

Lumos is launching Kickstarter for Ultra, and hopes to ship by November. The Ultra’s front-facing headlights add additional lighting, and the backlights can even display right-to-left turn signals. And for just $ 99, Lumos Ultra is cheaper than other options on the market. For example, a number of high-quality helmets and bicycle lights will easily return you $ 200.

Andrew Haw Hawkins
Senior journalist

Kindle Paperwhite:

Kindle Paperwhite:
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge:

Amazon’s Kindle Paper e-reader is a great tool for reading books without having to worry about things like a thousand-page sock or dealing with wet pages. The Paperwhite’s E Ink screen is very visible on the outside (unlike many phone screens that are harder to see under bright light), and the latest Paperwhite is waterproof, meaning it should be able to safely handle splashing or even spill briefly. : pool. Happy reading.

Jay and Peter
News writer

Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple Watch Series 3:
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge:

The Apple Watch isn’t a unique summer accessory, but it’s one that I’ll have on me almost every day, almost every summer. Competing with my long-distance friends makes me work several times a week until I stay connected. Given the added strangeness of summer during an epidemic, it’s a little extra encouraging to go for a short walk every day.

Caitlin Hutton
Head of Social Media

Flexi socks

Flexi socks.
Photo: Flexi socks

If you are planning to grow a garden in an aggressive yard, an expanding sock is a nice, much lighter alternative to traditional heavy rubber socks. It triples in length when filled with water, but collapses into a beautiful coil that you can keep in an old vase when empty. This one comes with a nice spray nozzle with a variety of flow settings for different containers and gardens.

Helen Havlak

Ultimate Ear Boom 3:

Ultimate Ear Boom 3:
Photo: final ears

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for summer equipment, and Ultimate Ears makes the best of the environment. They sound great, they look great, and they’re waterproof and waterproof wherever you take them. If you need a bigger partner, Boom 3 or MegaBoom 3 are the ones to do, perfectly adding your favorite music to a party at the park, a day at the beach or a barbecue in the yard. Choose something a little smaller and cheaper. Wonderboom has the same advantages, but with a more portable and quiet package.

Chaim Gartenberg
News editor

DJI Mavic Mini:

DJI Mavic Mini.
Photo by DJI

Summer is a fantastic time to get new hobbies, and learning to fly a drone can be really rewarding and fun. DJI’s Mavic Mini is the perfect starter for new pilots. Particularly impressive are the features you get with this small drone (249.5 grams). I had it during the flight when I was hanging out for 25 minutes depending on the weather, and the gimbal and the camera are great. I love taking this little one out to the nearby lake and taking some fantastic videos on the water. You can actually use it even by hand if you want to stabilize a gimbal shot but don’t have a utility. just turn it on and start recording without being surprised. I highly recommend the Mini Combo for an extra $ 100 if you have cash to save, as it includes a case, three batteries and extra cylinders if you injure yourself.

Grayson Blackmoon
Senior movement designer

Leatherman Free P2:

Leatherman Free P2:
GIF by Sean Holler / The Verge

I fully expected to return to the Leatherman Free P2 after a quick spin, but with five minutes of practice, it made me a believer. I rarely get rid of both hands, և P2 is the first perennial nipple I’ve ever used that doesn’t need both of them. Each tool (pliers, scissors, screwdriver, wire tape, etc.) can be inserted with a finger and pulled out with one hand, thanks to a combination of spring-loaded locks and magnetic clasps, which also keep the freely rotating handles closed. When I need to quickly tie a soft tie to my baby’s new scooter, put it on the chicken breast piece by piece to test the tenderness, or remove those pliers or drivers without letting go of the items that need to be manipulated. and turning around. Butterflies with a butterfly knife are a nice distraction for my constant fist hands. P4 also has an extra knife and saw blade, but keep in mind that the early units did not have a P2 pocket clip.

Sean Holist
Senior Editor:

OXO cherry & amp; olives

OXO cherry and olive pie.
Photo by OXO

For me, summer means cherry pie. Years after the surgery to remove the cherry cherry with a knife, which was very disappointing (and probably dangerous), I finally hid it and bought one of the cherry pits. It makes crushing the cherries less light and allows you to return to baking. Other benefits: It’s cheap, it doesn’t take up much space in my small kitchen, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Mary Beth Griggs
Editor of Science:

Mac Sports collapsing car

Mac Sports collapsing car.
Photo by Mac Sports

My sister swears by this inflatable car for camping trips. It is ideal for camps where the parking lot is just a short walk from your tent, or for beach trips or park parties when you have a lot to carry. It’s very light and folds up to be compact enough to hold in your car or in your apartment.

Helen Havlak

Wise Owl hammock

Wise Owl hammock.
Photo by Wise Owl Outfitters

I recently bought a bottle and never return to the park in the summer for any other way. It’s incredibly portable, easy to use, comfortable to take on a lazy Sunday, read a book, and watch the surrounding clouds.

Chaim Gartenberg

Quik Shade folding chair

Quik Shade folding chair.
Photo by Quik Shade

I haven’t done much in recent years, and the lawn in front of me is so small that most squirrels ignore it and even look at it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. While I don’t have a room in front of my house for a permanent garden chair, I can remove this folding chair at any time I want and enjoy the summer vacation at home.

Barbara Krasnoff



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