The best free video calling programs of 2020

The best free video calling programs of 2020

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to limit face-to-face association, many of us rely on video calls to keep in touch with co-workers, family and friends, and if you’re also having financial difficulties, it’s best to do so for free. . Zoom continues to top the list of camera search apps, but there are a number of apps that will allow you to meet others for free.

We have listed some of the most popular video surveillance programs, as well as some popular text chat programs that include video call features. While many of them already have free versions, some offer additional features for those who are currently working from home or who want to do online checks with friends and relatives.

There are a number of programs that we do not include, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and FaceTime, which allow you to make video calls. We left them out because they require all participants to be members of a special social network (Facebook, WhatsApp) or to use a special type of device (FaceTime, which is only Apple). We have also tried to focus on programs that allow you to participate without downloading the app (unless you are the host).

It’s a good idea to try one or two for yourself to see if they fit your style and the style of your friends. This list, however, is a good place to start.

The most popular video chat program

Ease of use of Zoom և Many features make it very popular.

Zoom has become one of the most popular camera applications, mainly due to its easy-to-use interface. Initially, the company pushed Zoom mainly for corporate use, but it provided free individual bases. At first, because Zoom didn’t expect its sudden popularity among non-business users, there were a few bugs related to privacy and security. However, the company has quickly initiated a number of changes and updates to address these issues (although it does not provide final encryption for its free users). And its popularity doesn’t seem to have hurt.

The free version of Zoom allows you to meet up to 100 users, but there is a 40-minute limit for more than two meetings, which for many of us is quite limited. As of this writing, Zoom did not offer special offers for those who are currently working from home, but has a page that offers help and tips for new users.

Remarkable features:

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited meetings from time to time
  • Forty minutes of group meetings

Long visit to online calls


Skype, now part of Microsoft, has added video conferencing to its VoIP features.

After the release of the beta in 2003, Skype was the starting point for occasional conversations. Since its release in beta in 2003, its “Meet Now” feature (which is available on the left side of the app by selecting the “Meet Now” button) allows you to use the camera. Up to 50 people can have meetings without meeting deadlines.

There is also a separate page that allows you to create a free video meeting without actually registering for the service. However, by using the app, you get more features, so if you’re good at signing up for a free account, it’s best to do so.

Remarkable features:

  • Register the call within 30 days
  • May spoil the background (if you have the program)
  • Share your presentations
  • Up to 50 participants, no deadline

Corporate program with a solid version of Fremium

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a popular business conference program.

Webex is a camcorder program that has been around since the 1990s. It was acquired by Cisco in 2007. Although it is mainly known as a business application and continues to focus on service companies, it has a rather generous free version it’s worth going out with. For current emergencies, it has expanded the features of the Freemium version to 50 to 100 participants, and you can meet for up to 50 minutes.

Remarkable features:

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Up to 50 minutes for each meeting
  • Can register meetings and keep local

It is now displayed on your Gmail page

Google meeting

Google Meet has recently become available to Gmail users.

Until recently, Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet) was only available to teachers and Google’s paid service subscribers, G Suite. Since then, Google has made the meeting available to all users of Gmail’s free service. In fact, it added a link to Meet on the left side of Gmail’s online app.

The meeting offers a very simple way to video chat with colleagues, friends and family, assuming they all have Google accounts, which is a requirement for both hosts and participants. To get started, simply visit Meet and click “Join or Start Meeting.” Name the congregation (if you wish) and send your invitations. You can also arrange a meeting using the Google Calendar, which includes Google a number of security features such as the ability to accept or reject entry.

Remarkable features:

  • Unlimited meeting time until September 30; then a 60-minute limit
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Suggests the possibility of canceling the noise

The mobile app that best suits one

Google Duo:

Google Duo has a very simple web interface.

You really don’t expect Google to offer just one simple videoconferencing program, do you? In addition to Google Meet (which is slowly replacing Hangouts, which was originally intended primarily for business users), Google also has its own mobile app, Duo, built as a consumer app. The company recently added invitations to the Duo, as well as a very basic web interface. In addition, the program now allows you to create groups of 12 participants (but only with its mobile versions). All participants must be Duo users, which can be a problem for wider use.

Remarkable features:

  • Can record a message
  • Create groups of up to 12 people
  • Uses final encryption

Slowly sunny, but still useful

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts gets a slow sunset, but it’s still available if you want to use it.

Finally, there is the “classic” version of Google Hangouts, which is still available, although the company does not support it, especially for G Suite users and corporate customers who are encouraged to use Meet.

If you feel old-fashioned about all this, you can use Hangouts for a video chat. with up to 10 people if you’re using Gmail or G Suite Basic (up to 25, if you’re using business or educational G Suite versions). There are no additional features. You can add text messages and spread screens, but that’s about it. Still, if you want quick and easy, it’s worth checking out.

Remarkable features:

  • Up to 10 participants for Gmail users
  • Up to 150 participants can have voice conversations

Corporate meeting program – free basic version


Starleaf is a free enterprise program.

If you’re not in the company, you may have heard of StarLeaf. It is a platform for large companies, the type that will not buy a price on its website. you need to call a seller. But now it offers its main video and message products for free for all those who are trying to keep in touch during the epidemic.

Remarkable features:

  • Up to 20 participants
  • Forty-six minutes of each meeting

Open source with many features

Jitsi met

Jitsi Meet is an open source video platform for use.

Another “you probably haven’t heard of it” camera app, Jitsi Meet, is an open source that allows you to easily meet online simply by navigating through the site and clicking “Go”. If you are more technically inclined, you can build on your own Jitsu Videobridge:, but most people will be happy with the fast web version, which offers much more popular factories such as chat, session recording (Dropbox) and the ability to “drive out” unscrupulous participants.

Remarkable features:

  • Up to 75 participants (up to 35 for the best experience)
  • Public or private conversation
  • Can damage the background (currently in beta)
  • Integrates with Slack, Google Calendar և Office 365

Rooms with one room, up to four participants

Through which?

So the free version is quite limited, but it has some fun features.

According to which the free version is quite limited with some other people mentioned here. It allows you to use the one-room room, which is attended by four participants, the opportunity to lock the rooms (participants must “tap” to access). Each room has its own URL that you get to choose from, which is great, assuming no one else has already taken that name. (For example, I tried և found that it has already been downloaded 🙂 But it also has a chat feature that allows you to share the screen, silence or remove users and have fun emoji. If you have more ideas, the Pro version ($ 9.99 per month) offers up to 12 participants per room for up to three meeting rooms.

Remarkable features:

  • Up to four participants for free
  • Screen exchange
  • YouTube integration
  • Ability to “lock” rooms

Email program with simple video viewing feature

Spike vide application has a very simple interface.

Spike vide application has a very simple interface.

Spots is an email program that adds features to the collaboration since I reviewed it last year. With the current demand for online meetings, the company recently added a video clip to its playlist. The feature is very easy to use, especially since you do not need to register or install anything to use it. Just go to the link to the cameras, enter your name:, if desired, the topic of the meeting. The meeting URL is copied to your keyboard or you can send an invitation by email. By mail: There are some extras in this app. You can share your screen or post an e-emotion, but that’s about it, and the host has no control over the meeting. There are no restrictions on the number of participants or the meeting.

Remarkable features:

  • Simple interface
  • There is no time limit for participants or meetings

Video chat with chat programs

Many of us already use Slack: / or Microsoft teams, which have a limited number of camera features. If you’re wondering if you can use the free version of Slack or Teams to make video matches, here’s some information.

New free version without borders

Microsoft teams have been built as a competitor to Slack. Since it’s part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, it’s a good idea if you want to collaborate on, say, various Office documents, and it offers it through cameras. Microsoft offers educators and those who pay for G Suite to use Office 365 E1 six months free. It recently launched a free version of Teams for Consumers with no restrictions on the number of people or the number of times per meeting. To use it, you just need to create an account with Microsoft. However, when registering, indicate that you will be required to use the teams. If you choose something other than “for work”, instead you are directed to Skype.

The free version is good at once

Slack is mainly created for text chat (and is in the process of developing a new design), but it also allows you to make voice and video calls. If you have a free version of Slack, you can make individual calls. But if you want to have a meeting with a few people, as opposed to one-on-one conversations, and you want to do it for free, you need to look for an alternative.


There is a wide range of other alternatives to Zoom, as mentioned This topic on Twitter, including: RemoteHQ:, Conversational:, Let it bake, և: 8×8:. Some of them do not have a free version. for example Blue jeans, the more popular version, starts at $ 9.99 per month for up to 50 participants for unlimited time.

Special mention should be made of Houseparty, a popular consumer app that allows up to eight people to use a virtual room to chat. In fact, anyone can go to a friend’s online session without an invitation (although you can “lock” your room to prevent intruders). However, it requires all participants to register to use it, and the registration includes your name, email address, date of birth, and phone number. So we included it in our recommendations.



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