The iconic Flip Video has almost become Google’s first camera, email addresses

The iconic Flip Video has almost become Google’s first camera, email addresses

Before Android, before the iPhone, before it became a popular GoPro brand, the Flip Video camera took the world by storm, allowing millions of people to take digital home videos with one hand, easily save, distribute, and upload newborn YouTube videos. Thanks to the portable USB port.

What you probably did not know. It was Flip Video almost Google Brand Camera Google Inside Email Demonstrated by the Antimonopoly Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives. It would be Google’s first camera, և maybe և the first piece of Google’s brand hardware.

What we know

In January 2006, a year and a half before the first Flip Video went on sale, Google Video Product Manager Peter Cheney tried to persuade his colleagues to make a deal to make Google Video the primary video hosting partner for the upcoming Pure Digital camera. : .

By February, the offer had apparently developed. Now, Pure Digital is apparently interested in turning the upcoming device into a “Google-branded camera”, suggesting that this special version could double or quadruple the number of videos uploaded.

Although it’s fun to think about Pure Digital again, because “a company that makes disposable devices uses cameras once” was right. Still in 2005 – the predecessor of Flip Video Launched as a $ 29.99 single-use disposable digital camera. You have to return it to CVS ել pay $ 12.99 for the staff to upload videos to DVD.

Here is the photographic proof.

CVS sells disposable cameras

Photo by Tim Boyle / Getty Images

But Google Video CEO Ennifer Fakin had a different idea. Google should have bought YouTube instead.

And while partners like Hunter Walk were a little skeptical about YouTube. “We focus on videos that have a wide public good, more than hosting everyone’s personal video content,” he quotes for centuries. We know it’s Google. months later in October.

Pure Digital has introduced a USB-enabled camera in Maymonths before the deal, but in 2007 it relaunched the camera as “Flip Video” With heavy links to Google’s new YouTube outside the gate. Then smartphones came out, Cisco bought Flip, and the camera brand died unnoticed in 2011. Google did not have much success trying to revive the idea in 2018 with the unsuccessful Google Clips, it was as fascinating as its AI cleverness sounded.

By the way, This is what GoPro looked like 2006

You can read the full Google, if slightly corrected, email. Mail in our Scribd below.



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