The UK will finally allow electric scooter rentals to start on July 4

The UK will finally allow electric scooter rentals to start on July 4

Hired electric scooters will be legal on some British roads starting this week, July 4, as part of tests conducted across cities. According to the information, about 50 councils are interested in holding trials. The government has announced that the first trials will begin next week. Private electric scooters will continue to be illegal for public use.

The news was from the beginning reports BBC NewsBefore the Department of Transportation officially made the announcement. The trials should last 12 months.

The move is a major step forward for UK electric scooters, which have not been used illegally on the country’s roads, although they have become more common in the United States and other European countries. This is because the country’s existing laws treat them like traditional motor vehicles, dismantling them with safety and legal regulations that are impossible for them to implement. The law also prohibits their use on sidewalks.

The government’s statement includes some health and safety requirements, including a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour (about 25 km / h). Users must also be over 16 years of age and must have at least a temporary car, motorcycle or moped license. Helmets will advise, but not necessarily, and scooters will continue to prevent sidewalks.

This year, the British government has taken steps to legalize electric scooters. Back in March, it announced a public consultation on their use, with the goal of launching the first scooter tests by the end of 2020. Recently, however, government plans have accelerated as social demands have complicated the safe use of public transport, and electric scooters are considered an environmentally friendly alternative to bicycles. Last month, the country’s Ministry of Transport announced that it would be so putting forward these scooter tests as part of a number of activities that also make a significant contribution to the infrastructure of cycling.

“Electronic scooters can offer the potential for comfortable, clean and cost-effective travel, which can also help ease the burden on the transport network, provide another green alternative to the environment and provide social distance,” said British Transport Minister Rachel. Makleyan. “Tests will allow us to test whether they are doing these things.”

Although the scooters are technically illegal to use on roads, are punishable by a: 300 fine and six points in a driver’s license, they have become more and more common in the UK. One of the scooter rentals, Bird, even operated a scooter rental service in London’s Olympic Park, using laws that say electric scooters are legal for private property. According to Bird, tens of thousands of people have rented its scooters.

In a statement, Bird welcomed today’s news. “Soon, the whole of the United States will be able to take advantage of a greener and more comfortable alternative to cars,” said Patrick Studener, head of EMEA. “Reducing car traffic will reduce overcrowding and air pollution and make our cities and towns more alive for everyone.”

Other scooter companies have also welcomed the move. “Together with the UK government, micro-mobile services such as Spin can accelerate the recovery of public transport networks, which may be temporarily reduced due to reduced staffing,” said Felix Petersen, head of Spin’s European office. Provides a comfortable, clean and cost-effective choice of travel instead of buying or using hail services, which increases congestion and pollution. ”

Another rental company, Thierry, says it already has “more than 1,000” scooters ready to be stored in the UK. BBC News By the end of the year, it could have had about 90,000 of its scooters distributed in the UK.

Update on June 30, at 5:33 p.m. ET. According to the official statement of the government, the programs have been updated.



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