This Nintendo Switch stylus makes art pressure sensitive

This Nintendo Switch stylus makes art pressure sensitive

Nintendo Switch stylus is not a common accessory for a hybrid gaming system. Of course, there have been several attempts, but nothing has come close to making the stylist a practical accessory for Switch owners. The: Colors SonarPen:The latest experience with the Switch stylus goes beyond the device, which tries to turn the device into a tablet.

Stylus is an accompanying part The colors are alive, Nintendo Switch’s digital image app, which is the legal successor Nintendo 3DS art game Colors: 3D:. SonarPen is a wired stylus that is connected to the switch’s 3.5mm audio camera due to the lack of built-in Bluetooth on the panels.

“Because the switch does not have a common Bluetooth, it is not possible to use professional stylus available for other platforms,” ​​said Jens Anderson, designer of Colors Live. The origin:.

Stylus is also sensitive to pressure, so switch owners can apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the LCD touch screen of the switch to draw different degrees of lightness or darkness. It comes in 10 colors, although only the cable can be a different color, as the pen itself has a default color.

The colors are alive, The Kickstarter project, launched on May 13 with a budget of $ 16,337, successfully achieved its goal on the same day. It currently collects more than $ 130,000. The Kickstarter project is still ongoing in the next few days. If you want to support the project, you can pledge $ 53 (or more for additional tests): a The colors are alive eShop code except SonarPen.



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