US airlines to resume flights as COVID-19 increases

US airlines to resume flights as COVID-19 increases

American Airlines will resume flights on July 1. The company announced. Politics is like United Airlines’ policy ABC News: reports when he didn’t block places or put a hat on the power of his flights. However, the approach is in stark contrast to other airlines, which continue to provide opportunities to cover the social distance of the aircraft as the number of coronavirus cases in the United States increases.

The airline has dealt a severe blow to the coronavirus epidemic, causing passenger numbers to slip. The: Chicago Sun Times: reports At its lowest point in April, the number of American airline passengers fell by about 95 percent. Although passenger traffic has increased since then, the number of people passing through US airports is still a quarter of what it was a year ago.

American Airlines began limiting bookings by 85 percent in April Chicago Sun Times:.

The CEO of the United Kingdom Scott Kirby has expressed doubts that social distance is even possible on planes. Chicago Sun Times: reports that because people are less than six meters apart, even when the middle ground is empty. Boston Globe reports US Executive Director Doug Parker has expressed similar concerns. However, a spokesman for the Allied Pilots’ Association said that “this does not mean that you have to surrender and take the plane out of there, full of seats.”

The American says he has other ways to prevent the virus from spreading. It will notify customers if they come in full flights, allow them to transfer their bookings at no extra cost, and will ask customers to confirm that they were free of COVID-19 symptoms. during the previous 14 days. Customers are allowed to move the seats once they are seated, subject to restrictions. The American provides other guarantees: more thorough cleaning, HEPA filters – more frequent cleaning of the air – a mandatory requirement for face masks.

Many airlines require passengers to wear face masks. Earlier this month, a group of major US airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue and Southwest, covered all passengers, except for food or drink, young children or with other people. medical cause or disability, which prevented them from wearing a mask.

While the United States and the United States are moving beyond capacity, other airlines will remain so throughout the summer. On September 30, Delta provides 60% of the seats in the main cabin, and 50% of the first class, along with the middle seats. ABC News: reports. Southwest Airlines is blocking middle ground during the same period, and JetBlue is blocking middle ground until the end of July.

The announcement comes as the United States has found a new response to the new COVID-19 case. Yesterday, COVID tracking project He said 42,000 new cases of the virus had been reported in the country three record days of new cases. The more experiments explain some of the growth, the higher the percentage of positive tests. according to Hop on Hopkins University.

“I can’t imagine passengers being told at a worse time that their planes could be completely full,” said a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, a spokesman for the U.S. Air Force. Chicago Sun Times:noting that the move could damage public confidence in the flight.



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