10 Reasons Why Tea Is So Popular

Tea is drunk all over the world and is the second most popular drink after water. So why is it so popular?

1. Tea is available in a variety of flavors and varieties. Just as not all red or white wines taste the same, not all teas taste the same. Green tea is made only from the leaves of the tea plant. Black tea is more oxidizing and stronger than green tea. White tea dries quickly and green tea is brewed. Oolong Tea is a Chinese tea made between green tea and black tea. Medicinal tea or fruit tea is not strong tea, but bitter. This means that there are many types to choose from and everyone has something.

2. Tea is refreshing and refreshing, but not as bitter or bitter as some coffees. Tea is also healthier than fizzy drinks and can be drunk throughout the day without the well-known side effects of fizzy drinks.

3. Tea contains much less caffeine than coffee. This means that tea drinkers can enjoy more cups of tea because they have less stimulant than coffee. So unlike coffee, it is a perfect drink for the evening as it is much less likely to cause sleep problems.

4. Tea is easy to make and expert equipment is not essential. The minimum requirements for a cup of tea are a cup, a kettle, water and a tea bag. However, many people prefer to use a teapot to make tea and get milk and / or sugar for their tea. Connoisseurs generally prefer to use loose tea and a tea strainer rather than tea bags. This is more like using fresh ingredients than taking a meal prepared in the microwave.

5. Different teas require different brewing times and water temperatures. Wrong timing or temperature means that the tea does not taste as expected. This learning process ensures that every cup of tea is worth more than the impact.

6. Although traditionally grown in China, India, Japan, Kenya and Sri Lanka, less clear countries such as Iran, Brazil and Turkey also produce tea. The taste of tea varies from country to country due to the climate and the way it is prepared.

7. Tea is known as a relaxing drink and, when sweetened, helps to reduce the effects of shock. This is another reason to give it often if people are in an accident.

8. Although grown in hot countries, tea can be used as a hot beverage when cold. Alternatively, and surprisingly, a good cup of tea is very refreshing when heated.

9. The health benefits of tea, especially green tea, have become more apparent in recent years. From being used as a weight loss aid to helping to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, green tea can be described as a “super drink”.

10. The process of making and drinking tea is steeped in tradition, which in itself can be a social event, and a “cup of tea” is rare. Japanese tea festivals are very formal, and the festival is as spiritual as a social gathering. From a jug with something cold and wet with a slice of dried cake at a department store restaurant, to afternoon tea can be anything from sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, to tea served on the best bone. china posh restaurant.

Now you know why tea is so popular, why not put it in the kettle and enjoy a cup of the world’s most popular hot drink!

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