3 Reasons Why Teens Hide Their Emotional Problems

They say adolescence is the most exciting but crucial part of anyone’s life. During this year, we are experiencing many changes and we often struggle to face them. In fact, many young people reach the stage of “rebellion” where they are somewhat reluctant to obey, and they act disrespectfully. This is because young people are very emotional. They take things very seriously, and when they are depressed, they eventually suffer from emotional pain.

The emotional pain is intense every time a person hides it. And young people in most cases. The question is, why do young people hide their emotional problems? There are three main reasons for this.

1. Distrust of people

The first is because they do not trust anyone. Because they do not trust anyone, they are unable to express their feelings and share their emotional thoughts. This causes them to hide all their emotional problems within themselves. They may have peers but none of them deserves to be trusted.

2. Pretense

The second is that they are ashamed to show what they really feel. They are afraid to cry because they think it is a sign of weakness. They would rather show their happiness and strength than let others see them as small weaknesses. It’s not great for teenagers. But they may find it difficult to adapt to sudden changes in their emotions as well as mood. The worst thing is that they bring such an attitude into adulthood.

3. Pediatric trauma

The third is because they are probably involved in the traumas of their childhood. The pain they endure stays with them as they grow. They find it difficult to adapt to the environment during adolescence or young adulthood. This is why they hide their emotional dilemmas.

Hiding your emotional pain and even problems can cause you too much, even in your life. There have been cases of suicide and physical injuries from people who have suffered severely from emotional pain. It is important to prevent these from happening. Parents and adults need to have a deeper understanding of how teens deal with their problems. They need to be guided and helped on how to deal with and deal with those issues as they learn not to hide their emotional pain.

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