3 things that can go wrong when throwing a punch

You always see it in movies, when a hero or villain hits and it falls to the ground. In most cases, nothing really bad happens except that someone falls fast or falls to the ground. It’s not real life. When you learn self-defense from any serious teacher, book or course, you will find that hitting has real consequences, not what you see in the movies. In fact, here are 3 things you might be wrong to know.

A broken arm

The force of your momentum isolates a large amount of energy in one place, and that is your hand. When you swing to someone with a closed arm, you will find that you can easily break your arm in the process. Now, you can hit someone, or you can miss and hit a wall or something, and then it hurts. There is no escape from this, and if you do something wrong you will hurt yourself. It is important that you do not run into anything that tells you about safety, without knowing exactly what you are doing. A broken arm is not fun.

Completely missing

Even professional boxers do not drop every shot they throw. In fact, if you watch a full competition between professionals, you will find that there are big misses with hits. When you try to protect yourself, you may think you will need to use your arm to get to the top, but that is not always the case. In fact, if you learn judo or other martial arts, you will find that they rely on momentum shifts, not fists. This means that he does not rely on mere beatings to keep his opponent away from him. Instead, they rely on calm movements and forceful combat, which protects the person from being harmed. Missing something can cause you pain when the other person retaliates.

Loss of focus

It’s easy to lose your focus when pumping your adrenaline, and when you respond to someone who is going to attack you. If you are defending yourself, you need to stay calm wherever you are and use your training to respond and comply with defense mechanisms. If you are not ready, throwing a blow immediately will help you lose your balance and focus. Self-defense is not just about action and reaction, it is about doing so with the confidence to focus. Throwing wild jabs will not be so useful, it is simple.

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