5 Best Promotional Printing Products To Grow Your Business

Promotional products, usually given at a trade show or during a sales meeting, can help make a lasting impression. Depending on which business printing Chicago company you choose, you can improve your sales at a reasonable price. The most obvious use of promotional products is to help generate new business. When you offer a free gift while someone is trying out your service, you can help increase the response rate from prospects.


The pen is the most common promotional product. They are simple and effective. Most people use a pen every day; Provided they write nicely, so if you want to make sure your pen reaches people, get good quality. The subconscious connection between your company and the customer is invaluable whenever they reach for the pen.

Travel mug

Travel mugs help show that your company supports the green movement and will travel with your customers so that they always have a reminder of your business. Choose people who keep your customer’s drinks warm for hours and you’ll see that they always reach your mug.


A promotional calendar will provide daily reminders about your company throughout the year. You can be creative and customize different pages of your calendar to meet the type of customer you are reaching. Daily reminders are a powerful tool for capturing customer interest, so use them wisely.


Flashlights help provide real-world value and show that you care about the safety of your customers. By switching to LED technology, you will see that the performance of the promotional flashlight is better and cheaper.


Magnets are usually found a lot because they contain important documents or photos in the refrigerator. Every time someone goes to the fridge they can see this magnet, which is a great visible reminder for your company. Choosing a print company Chicago that will make quality magnets that will actually hold the papers will be an important difference whether your magnets are actually used and can make that connection with the customer.
There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to using promotional products to help grow your business. When searching for promotional products, make sure you choose a company with a wide selection so that you can order items that work for your business. While these are some of the best promotional products and appeal to a wide audience, there are other products available as well.

Either choose a company that prints various items, such as the Digital Printing Chicago Company, or Flyer Printing or Booklet Printing Chicago has hit a fine somewhere, so you can also print literature and information to go with your promotional product . This is especially useful if you are presenting this at a trade show. People can always use your promotional products but don’t remember what the company does, so make sure you’re providing information with the promotional product.

Promotional products can be used to promote safety and well-being for your employees and your customers. Promotional products like Flashlight are a great example of this. You can also use your promotional products as a thank you to customers who have done a lot of business with you. Don’t forget that this use of products goes hand in hand with business card printing Chicago. Always give your business card to loyal customers so they never forget your contact information and can contact you when they are ready to repeat the business.

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