5 best scents to use for a comfortable home

Fragrances can have a strong effect on your mind and body. Certain scents can instantly remind you of happiness or sadness. Some odors can help relieve stress and make you feel more relaxed.

If you want to promote serenity, peace and comfort in the home, there are some fragrances that can help you achieve it. Whether you’re going to use aromatherapy, light a few candles or just spray your pillows and linen, here are 5 best scents to use for a more comfortable home!


Probably the most popular fragrance for stress relief, lavender is a beautiful purple flowering plant that experts call “adeptogen”. These are natural substances that help free the body from negativity and stress.

Whether you plant lavender in your garden or use it as an oil, its refreshing scent can instantly boost your mood or help calm you down when you feel restless.

Ylang Ylang

You may have used a cosmetic product that contains ylang-ylang oil, as it is frequently used in beauty products, perfumes and home fragrances.

The delightfully sweet, floral scent of this tropical flower promotes feelings of comfort, joy and happiness. It is excellent for boosting your energy and mood, making you feel relaxed.


Bergamot oil (inedible) comes from the peel of the fruit, giving it a nice citrus aroma. It’s perfect for awakening your energy and putting you in a hilarious mood, a perfect way to start your day.

That’s why experts recommend using bergamot oil or candles in the morning to help start a day of rest!


You may know basil as an herb for cooking, but it is actually an excellent stress reliever! Its crisp and spicy aroma is effective in reducing anxiety, stress and fatigue. Not only that, it also makes you feel energized and happy.

Basil is rarely used in aromatherapy, but experts say it is one of the most beneficial essential oils.

Clary Sage

With a bright, clear scent of lightness, Cleary Sage has stress-reducing and anti-depressant properties. It helps to clear the mind and promotes feelings of peace and well-being.

Use alone or blend with lavender to create the much needed peaceful atmosphere to relax at the end of a long, tedious day.

We all deserve to relax and recharge from the comfort of our own home. Try any of these 5 best fragrances to use for a comfortable home.

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