5 Best Sexual Conditions for Boys and Girls with Height Differences

Finding a new sexual partner or rediscovering an old one can be a great thrill. If there is a difference in height between you, it can be challenging to satisfy each other. Many men think they can squash a little girl (even if she trusts him and is sure he won’t). You probably don’t have much luck kissing. For this reason missionary status is often not on the radar.

So what are the options that can spice up your love life and keep both of you satisfied and eager for more? Tall boys and short girls keep coming back The number one recommendation is girl-on-top, but with a twist. She has to sit up and she has to hang her hips. This way you can easily kiss each other without getting too tired

Another popular maneuver is the spoon. If asked for a kiss he can bend his back to meet the twisted torso of the woman and since you are both carrying your weight on the bed, there is no problem in crushing which can affect other conditions. It can also work to prolong ejaculation if it is a problem.

Doggie styles are usually good despite height differences but if they do not work the woman can try to elevate herself by kneeling on a pillow if there is a problem, or by experimenting with her while standing or kneeling out of bed. Can. The opposite is true.

The opposite cow girl works no matter what the size of the partner is and it can be especially exciting for the top lady. It lacks a bit of intimacy, kissing and other front actions are almost impossible but care can be taken before or after the task.

The fifth recommendation for fit and adventure couples is to experiment with standing up sex. If it is only small, it has a good chance of being light so use your strength to hold it with your hands under your feet. Not every couple can pull this off but those who can expect a very exciting night.

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