5 great gifts for any accessory

I’m sure you’ve noticed – even before we’re done with Halloween (and certainly we can’t go through Thanksgiving anymore) we bombard with ads after announcing the upcoming holidays.

This year, consult an assistant who was there and he did it. Here are 5 things any assistant would love!

1. A diamo label printer sounds like such a stupid thing, doesn’t it? Why is a label printer different than a regular printer? Think about it – the paper is sticky on one side which can cause jamming and even damage a regular printer; Formatting can be difficult and labels can be expensive. Suffice it to say, labels printed by a regular printer can be a really difficult thing. Insert Dimo ​​- a small printer just for the label that is plugged in via USB and can be accessed from the most popular software with the click of a mouse.

2. Cardscan – small, like a diamond, but instead of getting information easily – you can get it inside. Cardscan is extremely effective for quickly retrieving all those business cards in a contact database. The perfect remedy for holiday mailing list craze / anger experienced by most businesses at this time of year!

3. Scanner / all-in-one with sheet feeder containing at least 20 pages. If he can do a double sided scan and he has a flat bed – even better. Like any printer, toner is more expensive to buy, but it lasts longer than ink. Expect to pay around $ 400 for a solid machine and make sure it’s either TWAIN or bundled with Adobe Professional at no extra cost. You can keep an eye on deals at places like Tiger Direct and Microcenter and some big chain stores are also known to do good deals from time to time. This past weekend, Office Max sold the Brother MFC 7420 for just 99. So if લાગે 400 seems like a big deal, shop for a bargain and remember that you are removing copiers, printers and faxes with all their related cartridges, toners and maintenance, while at the same time getting things like mail, file copies and receipts Are doing. Scan and digital.

4. Proper tech so he can work from home 1 or 2 days a week (and you can too)! Really, wouldn’t you both like the least option ?! Thanks to services like 37Signal’s BackPackIt you can safely contribute to your own private webspace for less than $ 10.00 per month. There is a free option to transfer files through secure web based services like SandThiFile. Other web-based technologies allow you to work from any phone and your assistant from any computer connected to the Internet.

5. Advanced equipment / software / training. If the computer your assistant is working on is more than 3 years old or uses more than two versions of the most current version of the software, it’s time to upgrade. You don’t want to wait for the machine or software to crash before you do.

Plan a January 1st start date to move on to updated tools and software. This gives you enough time to research and buy what you want, as well as train everyone involved before the end of the year. These days, software is not intuitive. This makes training essential if you want to experience a seamless transition.

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