5 Reasons Why Phone Cards Don’t Die

With the introduction of new technologies in the market, more and more people are wondering why these obsolete so-called calling cards are not dead yet? Why is there still a healthy demand for call cards and why IPs or none of these new technologies have taken over this segment of the market?

Landline has been active since the time we can remember, and although a new kid in the city (voice over IP) was about to capture a large portion of the market due to its low cost, we have not seen an aggressive acquisition or a sharp decline. When it comes to phone card sales, there are a number of reasons why their phone cards are so resilient, the top five being:

A product with a good brand

Because people are accustomed to the way phone cards and landlines work, and at the same time know what to expect, even with revolutionary technology like voice over IP, it can be a daunting task to win good branded products like call cards. Production, we can say the same thing about VOIP.

Market familiarity with a product

People of all ages are accustomed to the way card phones work; They know that after purchasing a card they will be given a phone number and a PIN to enter before making a call. If we ask a person to explain to us how Voice over IP works or what are the advantages of this new technology, we will not get a direct answer as the market is not familiar with how such technology works.

low cost

If every time you wanted to make an international call you were given a choice between a $ 20 monthly payment plan or a $ 5 one-time payment, which one would you choose? Precisely, those people will choose a lower payment because they do not need to commit to a monthly payment plan or contract and many people use call cards every time they do not use a monthly payment plan. Make the most sense.

No agreement

Especially nowadays when the economy is on a slippery slope, calling cards have not yet disappeared and this is a very important reason why people are reluctant to tie up a contract. A contract usually requires a credit check and may incur additional fees based on the results of such inquiries, and “fee” is another word that people remove.

Can be purchased online or offline

Call cards have largely been available for purchase at retail stores and gas stations across the country, and over the past decade they have also become available online, making phone calls easier and faster.

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